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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Collection Plate--May 22, 2011

I decided to rename my collection of posts on Sundays the "Sunday Collection Plate." For those of you who drop coin in the collection plate at church on Sundays, you'll know what I mean about this play on words. This is the blogging version of that. Value to be determined by you, dependent on if you get a chuckle out of these posts, or if they make you think, or if you prefer to pass on clicking. It's up to you.

In keeping with this month's theme (blogging about joyful things, joyful living and whatever brings you/me joy), here are my five choices for the week of May 22, 2011:

_Julia Munroe Martin writes about small town gossip in "The Police Beat" post on her blog this week. The way she tells her story should give you something to talk about, too. For sure, it will put a smile on your face. Let me know if you like her side comments. They cracked me up.

_"Mood Music" at MamaCanDance reminded me of why I loved the 80s. Sorry if you don't. I lived it and loved it. And the music still makes me smile.

_This post about the remake of the 1960s/70s television show, "Dark Shadows," stirred up fond memories, too. I loved that show as a kid. And then, by chance, I met one of the characters in person later in life. We spent seven days and nights together in the same class at a writer's workshop in Ohio. You'll have to read my comment on Mena Grazie's post to find out who that person was. Hint: It wasn't Barnabas Collins.

_I enjoy hosting parties but don't get to do it very often. Mostly, because I'm an over planner, and that takes time, which I don't have extra of right now. But this week, because of the Blogathon, I discovered The Haute Host, a site that can help make party planning easier and more fun. From the food to the wine to the favors, Lisa Elliott writes about it all here.

_I won't say I laughed out loud when I read this post, nor did I jump up and do a happy dance, but I was happy to read Alison Law's post about using podcasting as an alternative to cold calling. It's creative, something I've wanted to learn more about, and she provides justification for me right there at her Lawcenticity Blog. I need to add this one to my "favorites."

I hope you find something here that you can use. I know I did.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Anjuli said...

Thanks for the links- and when I have a bit more time tomorrow I'll try to get to them! It amazes me how many great writers are involved in the blogathon- and just when I think I've read them all...someone (like you) will alert me to MORE :) Thank you!!

BIKE LADY said...

I know, Anjuli. That's thing. I keep finding new blogs I haven't seen before.

Bach said...

I wish there were more hours in a day. This Blogathon has a wealth of great bloggers. I'm hoping to get to most of them pre-June 1 and even more after! Thanks for some ideas on who to visit first.

Mama's always write said...

Thanks for the link! I'm going to have to check out the blog about Dark Shadows, ah memories! Your blog absolutely rocks! I'm putting you on my regular reading list. Now I just have to live through the rest of this Blogathon........

Julia Munroe Martin said...

I had no idea you linked to my post about the Police Beat! Thank you so much! One of the things about the blogathon that's hard for me is that I've not had enough time to check out others' blogs. So glad I found yours -- I love your pics of the Grand Canyon!