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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

A quick post while I catch up from an out of town trip...I just learned we have more than 180 bloggers in this year's WordCount Blogathon. So many participants this year. I'm impressed and hope you will be as well.

Why not click on the link above and visit a few of us? Post comments. Add us to your blogrolls. Subscribe. Help the blogging community grow. And at the same time, enjoy each other's stories.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 


Bach said...

Nothing is better than people supporting people, especially with varied interests and specialties. Blogathon has been a wonderful experience!

BIKE LADY said...

Thanks for visiting. I visited your blog today but couldn't find the video you mentioned for the interview you did with your mom. Can you post a direct link? Thanks! Would love to see it.

Jennifer Fink said...

I think you're one of the few that have done it all four years now, right?

BIKE LADY said...

I am, J. It's too fun to ignore and is a great inspiration for me to get the blog rolling if I'm in a lull, which I've been. Plus, I'm rethinking some work, and this month gives me a chance to explore that new interest.

Alexandra said...

I remember reading your blog last year during the Blogathon and really liking your inspirational message. Looking forward to more Arizona visits!

BIKE LADY said...

Thanks for coming back, Alexandra. It's a whole new theme this year. This month I'm all about JOY at BIKE WITH JACKIE. I hope you'll return.

And, everyone, please feel free to click on the names of my guests here so you can visit their blogs as well. You might find something that will put another smile on your face.