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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day with Blogathon wishes and a contest winner


This year's Blogathon may tend to intimidate some of the new folks. With the number of participants now (I haven't counted) topping 200 (Really?), that's a lot of bloggers uniting to improve, learn and connect. That's also a lot of bloggers to meet. That can be a tough job. So I've decided to go about it the alphabet way. That is, I'm visiting groups of blogs by letter. Michelle Rafter has the entire list organized by the alphabet at WordCount, so I'm just using her list. And let me tell you, I've not gotten too far, especially since I'm visiting the bloggers who visit here as well. Thus, the intimidation. New participants can be swayed to the dark side, if not careful. By that, I mean, they could get so overwhelmed they give up early.

To discourage that, I've decided to veer off the alphabet plan and post links to some of the new participants (or new to me) in this year's Blogathon for today's post on Mother's Day. On Sundays, I'll be running a list of favorite posts, blogs, bloggers and such that focus on joyful things, anyway, so figured I'd start this way, sharing with you what they're saying about this special day and the joyful spirit enriched by our moms. I hope they--and you--will appreciate that.

Take a look a five of them (click on the link above to visit more of us):

Billie Noakes writes her "momoir," with a simple and sweet memory of her mother who died of cancer in 1991.

Don A. Gonzalez gabs about one of his mother's greatest gifts to him.

Melissa Oakes offers a tribute to her mom about the shared love they have for gardening.

On the Bach blog, mother and daughter share equal tributes. How fascinating to know that these two women wrote a novel together. You can learn more about this by clicking on the earlier link.

At The Writing Well, you'll find a tribute to a favorite mom author that most of us know, Erma Bombeck. The famous author's no longer with us, but the tribute is touching and funny. Enjoy.

Jennifer Derryberry Man was going to post her "mammahhhaiku" (creative for haiku verses written by mothers on mothering) but I haven't seen those yet. Maybe they'll show up on May 10, when we are all asked to participate in a special Haiku Day. Visit her anyway; her blog includes fun stuff for moms. 

And Happy Mother's Day to the best mom I know at the moment--my daughter--on her first Mother's Day with her first baby. See you at noon! I'd also like to send a big thank-you to both my daughter and my son for the Mother's Day gifts they sent to me: two dozen roses (multicolored) and a lovely necklace with pendants engraved with the months you were both born. It makes me want to sing out, "Oh, happy day!" 

NOW FOR THE NEWS YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR...Who won the copy of my book from last week's contest--and which logo did I choose? Drumroll please...

The winner of a signed copy of my Arizona travel guide, Backroads & Byways of Arizona, is Ms. Panda. You have till Friday, May 13, to claim your prize. I'll need your your address, please.

Oh, and I chose the logo with the rounded corners (but had to use the taller version to fit) I prefer the soft side of life whenever I can get it. ;-) Thanks to all who participated! Now go have a Happy Mother's Day with your families.


Bach said...

A great post, and thanks so much for the mention. I'm enjoying your blog as well. And congrats to your daughter's first Mother's Day. My first daughter was born the day AFTER Mother's Day, but I still celebrated! Hope your day is special!

Claudine M. Jalajas said...

Great post! Happy mother's day to you. My favorite part of mother's day? Being able to say, "hey.. no whining or fighting.. it's mother's day" and everyone snaps in line. Oh if Mother's day were more than just once a year! ;)