This blog introduces you to my special brand of BIKE. I show you how to find your Best self, access your Inner strength, tune in to your Killer instincts, and use your Expressive voice. It's inspiring, spiritual, quirky, and it's all in your head. It's about ATTITUDE, not exercise, though that might be a side benefit.


I offer speaking services including:

_Conference Sessions.

I can also serve as your:

_Meeting Facilitator.

My presentation style is passionate, creative and light-hearted. I am good at making your group feel comfortable around sensitive topics and inclusive in the process. I like to use theatrics and surprises to keep an audience engaged.

Whether your group lives in Arizona or is just visiting, oh, the places we can go! Right here in this state. I'll take you there via an hour-long presentation. I create customized travel talks with photos, just like I do editorial for magazines. I tell stories, share connections between this place and that, highlight the bright spots, point out historic pit stops, and I enlighten you about the remarkable people you'll find there. I like to work with themes to set the scene--historic sites, mining towns, ghost towns, cultural gems, public art, hiking/biking tours and routes, road trips, weekend getaways, canyon visits, cool places to stay, off the beaten path destinations, family travel, fun things to do, adventure travel, and shopping. As the author of Backroads & Byways of Arizona, I also do popular Meet the Author interactive events and book signings.
The Perfect Audience: Spouse Programs, Retirement Planning Meetings, Boomers/Writers interesting in the How-To. Slide show included. Books extra.

I'm known for my BIKE story. It's my signature speech. I tell about the time my husband came home with big news that became a turning point in my life. Turning point. It usually means some kind of tragedy and big lessons are on the way--if you dare to receive them. It was, and I did. I have my Trek mountain bike to thank for that, and the spiritual side of me yearning for connection. Just days after my husband (now my ex) told me about his secret life, I hopped on the mountain bike that had been sitting in my garage collecting dust for eight years. It was so automatic, and it helped me release the anxiety. Three years later, after a lot of therapy and prayer, protected time on the bike and introspection, I'd learned the lessons from the seat of my bike that led me here to you. "LESSONS YOU CAN LEARN FROM THE SEAT OF A BIKE" is a presentation that will both shock you, endear you, make you laugh or cry (It happens every time!), and show you the importance of what it means to be your Best self, connect with your Inner strength, recognize your Killer instinct, and use your Expressive voice to empower yourself to change for the better of you. The presentation shares how to find all of that and more. Trek not necessary.
The Perfect Audience: Spouse Programs, Women's Groups, Women in Transition from their own life obstacles (divorce, death of a spouse, an abusive home life). Any group going through challenging times, can benefit from the pointers shared in this presentation. It offers a different way to view the obstacles that threaten your success and provides the impetus to overcome them

I speak to writing colleagues at conferences and workshop meetings about topics improve business. I use PowerPoint to illustrate my ideas as needed. Titles include include but are not limited to:

_Follow Me, Friend Me Connect: How to use social media to sell your books and products

_Perfect Your Pitch: How to craft story ideas that you can sell today
_Oh, the Places You Can Go: How to sell your last trip to your next editor

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Newsletter Review of the panel, "Your First Book," which I organized and moderated for ASJA, New York, 2009:
What a generous panel facilitated by the effervescent Jackie Dishner. So much information and so many tips on how to find the right agent, manage the promotion of your first book, build a career, and more. The panel ran on Saturday morning and was pegged as a session for those getting started, but with a book and pieces in anthologies, I still found it to be a refresher and as a catalyst for ideas to build on what's already there. Good one!
From audience participant, Marion Gold, after presentation given to APW, Phoenix, 2009:
“A professional who understands her audience, knows what to say, and how to say it. That’s how I would describe a presentation by Jackie Dishner. As a speaker on an Arizona Press Women’s panel on how to negotiate freelance rates, Jackie had a message for everyone – from the novice to the more experienced independent writer. Her most important take-away message: Never be timid about discussing your fee and always get it in writing.”
General recommendation from Bonnie Mattick, SME Consultant/Speaker, Phoenix
“I am pleased to recommend Jackie Dishner to you as an author, speaker and outstanding social networking professional. She has an enthusiasm and exuberance that is contagious, and she speaks with conviction. You hear her speak and you immediately want to learn more...I have been in the audience when she has delivered a heart-felt speech, and participated when she trained others on the topic of Internet social networking. She provided the group with tips, tools and techniques for building business relationships. She connects well with her audience.”
Here at B.I.K.E. WITH JACKIE, we have discussed in the past the lessons revealed because of the ride. To get here, I rode a mountain bike to navigate the pain--and possibility--that occurred during a three-year divorce. I rode that bike every single day, rain or shine, for three years straight. On the seat of my bike, I gave myself time and space to explore this new world of mine, to adjust (when needed) my response, to become aware of who I really was.

I wanted to better connect with myself and still be able to connect with others when the ride ended. When I thought it was over, I learned the ride never ends. Every day, we face obstacles that we need to deal with and overcome. Some of them feel larger than life, such as divorce. Most are just minor irritants. I learned it's not the obstacle that matters, it's how you respond to the obstacle that matters. BUT YOU HAVE TO BE AWARE.

Though I don't ride as often as I once did, the bike ride didn't end. It became an inner ride that I do ride daily. In other words, my metal bike became a mental B.I.K.E., a lifelong spiritual navigation tool that I now use to help you find and experience awareness. If follow me, you'll soon understand why.