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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Playing with names and faces

Thanks to Julie Sturgeon's post at Knowledgewebb, I learned how to turn my name into a face and had a little fun with it. But don't try this at home; it could get ugly. Here's what I mean:

This is what happened when I used JACKIE DISHNER, and from the link above, you'll see Julie and I bear a striking resemblance. But why do I have chin hair? Isn't that a goatee?
This is what happened when I used BIKE LADY, which kind of looks like me--when I was in kindergarten oh so many years ago.
But this is what happened when I used JUST JACKIE--another nickname I sometimes use. Aw, c'mon! My ears don't stick out like that, and I do have some hair.
So I think I'll keep my own face. Even in my Rough Rider moments like the one you see below, I don't look that bad. LOL.
Can you think of a time when you felt like you were just a caricature in your own life? Share your story here.
(Photo above taken by Lynn Etter at the Grand Canyon, 2011.)


Anjuli said...

too funny- it was interesting to see how with each name change the drawing changed dramatically. I've seen some people who bear a name- to which, I somehow don't think they 'look like'- but then that is silly right!

I've always thought I look very comical- There are some women who are beautiful - I've always known I wasn't one of them- but I have a funny face and people seem to like it :)

BIKE LADY said...

I think it's important we like our own face, regardless. It's what we've been given, right? But I hear you. I stand next to my kids, who are quite photogenic. And we laugh, because we look nothing alike. I look goofy compared to them. And they are so much taller than I am, so it just exaggerates what I see. I love to look at faces, though. The lines, the bone structure, the smiles. There are stories behind those features.

jsturgeon said...

I wish I'd come up with that website. It's mindless, but I've had hours of fun typing in my friends' names, too. The picture is always a surprise.

jsturgeon said...

Isn't that site a blast? Wish I'd created it ... I've had way too much fun typing in my friends' names. The faces never fail to surprise me

Billie Noakes said...

Oh, Jackie, this was fun! But maybe the chin hair was a disguise, so you can pedal all over without being mobbed by fans! Great post to get us to explore our fun side! Thank you.

BIKE LADY said...

So that's why the chin hair. Good to know, Billie. Julie, it would be good to come up with such programs--if you got paid a ton for them. THAT'S when I think it would be cool. Alas, I did not do well in the programming class I had to take in college so I'm not likely to be the one to create something like this. I'll have to rely on friends like you to find them for me, because I don't even search for this stuff. I stumble upon it. Ha!