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Saturday, July 5, 2008

When was the last time you rode your bike?

My friends know all about me and my bike riding. They know I'm all about the BIKE. They know it's my passion. So it was with great pleasure when I read that a writer friend of mine started riding her bike today.

I mean, I was absolutely thrilled for her.

It sounds crazy, I know, to care that much. And I know I say this mental BIKE isn't about a bicycle or exercise, for that matter. But that's where my work with BIKE originated. I'll continue to be a true believer for as long as I live in the healing qualities of bike-riding and the importance of giving yourself the time it allows for meditation and introspection--even if I'm not riding myself. I know that there is power in the pedaling. I know there is power in the rides. I know there is much to be discovered about oneself when given the time and opportunity to do that. I know there is growth waiting for my friend from the seat of her bike. So, yes, I'm thrilled.

I may have mentioned this before, but I remember some of my earlier rides, about a year into it. I'd lost something like 40 pounds (probably more) and had gone from a size 12 to a size 2 because of my rides. I was in the best shape of my life in all aspects: physically, mentally, spiritually and sexually. I had never felt better about who I am as a woman. And there I was riding around this loop in a city park at the end of the path I rode daily. I always added a few extra miles there. And as I rode, I'd watch other women walk around the loop. At one point, I remember literally stopping to chat with one of them.

"You should try bike riding," I told her, sharing with her my weight loss success.
"Yeah, yeah, I've done that before," she said, and kept on walking.

I think she may have been bothered that I disturbed her, but I wanted to spread the word. I wanted other women to feel how I felt. I still do. I had never been more comfortable inside of my body than at that time. I was at the beginning stages of learning to love myself. And like any love affair, it was hot and heavy in the beginning. It's that feeling that keeps me motivated to continue with some form of exercise program still today, whether it's bike-riding, jogging, walking, or anything else. I know what it feels like to feel my best. And I never want to lose that for long.

Oh, I have had my moments where I've lost that good feeling for a while. You know, the challenges of the day affect me just like anyone else. I get caught up with work and off-balance from time to time. Life happens. But I never stray too far from those good feelings about myself, even though sometimes I may have to fight for it. But part of the reason that I can stay focused like that is the exercise. Part of it is the bike-riding or whatever other physical activity I can fit into my day. I remember all too well how good I felt, and I just won't allow myself to get too far from that. It would be a real shame if I did.

Yes, I am thrilled for my friend who, today, just got on her bike for the first time in a long time. She reported she only rode a little more than 10 mintues. But I could tell she was proud of herself. I told her that's exactly how I started. And those first ten minutes or so changed my life.

So...when was the last time you rode your bike?
(I took the photo above of that painting I mentioned a few posts back. It now hangs in my office. Painted by an artist who goes by the name of JoJo, you can find more of his work at his gallery called Lola in Jerome, Ariz.)


Stanley said...

My mental bike I ride daily.

As for my physical one, I'm only getting back to the point where I can ride, as a result of my previous ruptured achilles tendon.

One thing about being in Arizona though, I don't like to ride my bike as much as I did back in Houston.

Houston was flat and where I lived cars didn't get in my way. Here in Arizona, there are cars everywhere, so it makes me less excited about cycling, as opposed to walking.

Stanley Bronstein

The BIKE Lady said...


I ride along the canal bank, up the pathway along side of Hwy 51, and sometimes in the mountain parks, as I ride a mountain bike. I'm like you. I don't really care for riding on the streets, bike path or not. I will and have, but don't prefer it. And I don't mind the hills. They really help build strength and endurance. Metaphorically, that's what's going to keep moving you past the tough times.

All my best,