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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moving in the right direction

Can't you just feel it when things are going your way? Everything seems to fall into place without much more effort. Challenges seem to dissipate. You catch yourself walking around with a smile on your face. Life is good.

When you're in those moments, try not to question them.

Don't ask: why does this feel so right? Instead, say: thank goodness everything feels right.

Accept the blessing and go with it.

That's what I've been feeling all this week. Things do seem to be falling into place. It's taken a lot of work to get here. And I'm tired. But it's a good tired. It's a hard-earned kind of tired. My list isn't shrinking, but I'm checking things off.

It feels good. I accept that. I want that. I deserve that.

If you're feeling especially good right now about where you're at, know that you've earned it. Embrace that goodness and spread it around.

One of my fellow bloggers recently posted about paying it forward. She purchased a Starbucks coffee for the person behind her. It made her feel good. I've done something similar many times. And it does feel good. That good feeling stays with you. Your mind takes you back there sometimes, when you need to be reminded of your goodness. And sometimes we do need that reminder. Whatever it takes.

Just let yourself move in that direction. Let your Killer instincts take you where your heart needs to go. Trust your judgment. The minute we question ourselves is the minute we're probably starting to move off track. Off track is exactly what it says it is. And that's why I ask you to embrace the goodness and spread it around. That's moving in the right direction.

And if you have time, if the weather calls for it, if you're so moved, hop on a bike and ride. As with mine, it could be the ride of your life.

All my best,

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Info said...

Jackie, I love that you accept that being tired and still having a "list" doesn't negate the progress you've made. It is easy for me to sometimes get trapped in the "getting it done" that I forget to appreciate the flow that is allowing me to do it!