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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A look back in time

With the spring cleaning going on around here, I thought I'd go back and review some of my old posts. I went right to the beginning. I began this blog in May 2007, so it's been a little more than a year since my first post. It's been a fun ride, and I enjoy connecting with you, my readers.

I also realize that, for those of you who didn't begin with me, you might be missing something. And, for you, it might not be meaningful for you to go back and read every single post I've ever jotted down here; however, it might be meaningful for you to understand the path I've taken to get here.

So I've collected a few posts from the past--the first three, actually. I think they might explain a few things. If you'd like, click away:

All my best,


Andrea said...

Hi Jackie. I particularly liked the huffy not harley post. My way of getting through my divorce was to hike Piestewa Peak (not sure on the spelling). Every time I made it to the top, I felt victorious and felt that I could get through this. It helped a lot.


The BIKE Lady said...

Thanks, Andrea.

I've hiked Piestewa (I think you spelled that right.) Peak only twice. The first time, years and years ago when I much younger, I was afraid to go to the top. The second time, last year, it was tough but I knew I would make it. I was not in the least bit afraid, just tired. To know how to draw from your own Inner strength, when necessary, is a very powerful thing to know about yourself. You are victorious.


Stanley said...

You scare me when you say "look back". From time to time I have to go through old work files from 10 - 20 years ago and I ask:

Did I really do that??? What was I thinking ???

Stanley Bronstein

The BIKE Lady said...


Don't worry. I've had those moments, too. In general, though, I'm happy to look back and appreciate the growth.