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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Going places


Don't you just love it when those ruts you feel like you're living in finally subside?

That's how I've felt since coming back home last Friday from my visit to the Verde Valley. It's a spiritual world up there, with people involved in the healing arts and so much more. I feel so refreshed since I my return. I met some truly interesting people while there. I even bought this wonderful work of art for near pennies, and ever since I've had it, I've decided to ask the artist if I can buy the rights to use the image for my marketing plan. It's such a lively and active image, and so child-like and fun in design that I'd be so honored if he'd agree. When I find out, I'll post the image here. If that isn't going to be affordable for me, at least I'll have something a graphic designer can work with to create something equally pleasing. I'm very excited about the possibilities here.

Also, my daughter and her husband are moving out of my home and into their own, and we're all thrilled about that. They get a home by themselves; I get mine back. My dog gets her space back. It's all good.

And I'm also starting a new blog, a travel blog. As soon as I get the program running--it's a paid position, and I have a few administrative things to do before beginning--I'll let you know. I'm excited about the possibilities with this as well.

Work is going slow over here, though. So I have some organizational tasks to take care in order to get back on track with that. I also need to buy a laptop--my first ever. So I'm working out my budget to fit that in. When that's in place, I'll probably find myself being much more productive than ever.

What's going on in your life that could use a little change, a little momentum, a little beefing up?

If you're feeling resistance, pay attention to that. It's trying to tell you something. If you're finding it difficult to pay attention, to focus, it just might be time to slow down a bit. Be still. Find your special place. Whether that's on a bike, on a trail, in the pool...make sure you're making time for you to just be. I know. I know it's sometimes hard to make that kind of time. There are so many things on your to-do list. I'm the same way. I'm sure we all are. But it's so important to make time to slow down. During that quiet time, during the stillness, that's when you finally find yourself paying attention, listening, as they say, to that "still, quiet voice." When you give yourself those moments, you're living within your spiritual world, your inner core. That's where the real you resides.

When I find myself ignoring that part of me--and it's the most important part--I forget who I am. I get lost. I lose my way. And that's when life starts feeling like it's "too much."

That's a perspective you can change.

And when you do change that perspective, you'll soon hear yourself say, "Finally!"

Yours truly,
The BIKE Lady

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