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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The blogathon continues

The July Blogathon has been a great way to get to know my fellow speaker friends. As we reach mid-mark, I realize I'm learning more about who these folks are at their core.

We've added a few new participants since the event began, so I'm posting an updated list today. If you have a few minutes, consider visiting their sites. I promise you, you'll read some very inspiring stories. There's 15 of us, including Stanley, the lone guy on the team:

Jackie Dishner

Susan Ratliff

Andrea Beaulieu

Mimi Meredith

Suzy Graven

Beth Terry

Vickie Mullins

Michelle May

Arlene Rosenberg

Stanley Bronstein

Stephanie Angelo

Quinn McDonald

Barbara McNichol

Suzanne Holman

Maggie Hunts
She's on hold for the time being...


Beth Terry said...

Jackie - thanks for doing this. You are a wonderful inspiration. Because you got us all to blog more, we've all learned from each other and ... my traffic has TRIPLED! Thanks!

The BIKE Lady said...

Thanks, Beth. It's great to watch everyone get more involved in their own work. I love it!


Mimi Meredith said...

First...I think your new tag line is excellent. To all those seeking a great speaker, writer, mentor and someone to enrich life's're in the right place!

Second, thank you for motivating all of us to consider more fully what it means to be part of the blog universe and to find new ways to support each other along the way!

Joy Logan said... Please add me! Joy Logan