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Saturday, July 26, 2008

A neighbor's wildflowers

Two years ago during the spring, I took these photos of my neighbor's garden. She plants wildflowers every year, and I love to go see what's growing in her backyard. It's always different; it's always beautiful. So I wanted to capture it on film.

These photos remind me to take time to pause and reflect.


bmattick said...

I took time to pause and reflect and enjoy your neighbor's flowers. In fact, I drew a picture of one of the photos -- that was nice break from my work today. Thanks for sharing these pictures,

The BIKE Lady said...


What a great idea! Maybe you'll post your picture and let us know about it so we can see that as well. A bike and nature are not the only places where you can pause and reflect. Drawing, painting and any other form of creative outlet are perfect for giving yourself the gift of this important healing time.

Thanks for your comment.