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Monday, July 21, 2008

My first BIKE coaching client

I'm in my third week of coaching my first client (though this one's pro bono) on finding her own BIKE. It's going well. I'm amazed at the ease with with our conversation flows. She's in the Pacific Coast, and I'm here in Arizona, so this is all being done by phone.

But since we've been meeting like this, she's really moving along. And what's even better? She really is coming into her own solutions. No matter how stuck you might feel at any given moment, you really do know your own answers. It's just a matter of learning how to pay attention to your needs, your wants, your desires--and then defining your goals to fit your true self. When your goals match your values, you're going to have an easier time of getting there, because you'll use the systems and processes that work best for you or that you automatically find yourself moving toward. It's that awareness I've been talking about.

It's so important to know how your values play into your vision. When we forget that, or don't even bother to consider that, it becomes so easy to get lost. We might not even know where we're going. We just know to get up and do things. But we're doing it without awareness, or a sense of purpose.

Like makes so much more sense when you live it with purpose.

Your own special brand of BIKE, like mine, will help lead the way, if you let it. That doesn't mean you won't get lost, ever, or take detours. You probably will. That's what those pesky little challenges sometimes do to us. They get in the way, and we get sidetracked. But with BIKE, you'll find your way back to the path that's going to take you forward.

That path can be defined only by you. But I can help. If you'd like to talk to me about that, shoot me an e-mail.

All my best,


Andrea said...

This seems to be a lifelong process. I am always learning more and opening to more. Thank you, Jackie, for sharing this.


The BIKE Lady said...


Thank you. That's why it's great to help others. In the process, we remind ourselves of the lessons we need to learn or re-learn as well. It is a lifelong process. So true.