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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is it time to learn a new skill?

One thing you may notice during times of recovery is that you gain a sudden new interest in learning something new. In fact, you may almost crave it.

Whether it's how to dance the latest moves, how to paint or draw, or even how to ride a unicycle (I'm a long way from mastering that art, but I have a one-wheeler waiting for me to try again and again...and again.), I think this sudden yearning comes from the need to rebuild a lost sense of self-esteem.

As long as it's healthy in all respects, of course, consider exploring any ideas that come to mind. It's probably necessary for your growth. It's that mind-body connection telling you this will be good for you. Listen to it.

Try to avoid second-guessing yourself about cost or time or whatever hinderances might sneak in to sabotage your growth. If it costs too much, you may be able to find a less expensive alternative, for example a city-run program as opposed to a private one. It you don't think you have the time, look for a weekend retreat or a monthly event, rather than a longer-term commitment. Think of and investigate alternative ways to create this new fun in your life. If it's something worth exploring, you'll find a way that works for you.

Learning and developing new skills allows you to realize new opportunities, develop a much-needed confidence, and...Why not? off! It's good to be the star of the show sometimes. There are times when we may need to be recognized, if only to prove to ourselves we're alive.

Here are three interests that I had the courage recently to explore:

~Comedy writing: I attended a convention in Los Angeles several years ago where I learned this new skill then was able to apply it and win first place awards. I still get a kick out of that when I think of it. And I'm sure I use the skills I learned that long weekend today.

~Fiction writing: I attended a week-long writers' workshop where, in a small-class setting, I did nothing but learn about writing short stories, talk about writing short stories, and write them. I flew back home from that workshop with seven well-developed short stories to work on. I have them stored on a flash disc to develop further. That was great fun, and I was amazed I could accomplish so much.

~Running a 5k: In fact, I've run five or more of them in the last few years. I keep my jersey numbers tacked on my office wall as a reminder of an accomplishment I once thought I'd never have. In college, I could barely run a mile, and I hated doing it. It probably took me 20 minutes, and I couldn't see the end in sight. Now, some 20 years later, I can run up to four miles, not easily and still not very fast (but not that slow, either), and I don't even hate it, anymore. In fact, running gives me the space to push myself when I need pushing. I don't run long-distance very often, but I gained the endurance to do it at all from riding my bike. One skill can lead to another, it seems.

Do you have a list of interests or hobbies you've been wanting to explore but haven't? What are they? What are some steps you can take today to make at least one of them a priority? Even if it's something as simple as scrapbooking, allowing yourself the opportunity to grow in new and creative ways helps rebuild a broken spirit. By doing something you love or think you might love, you give yourself the gift of self-love. Creative outlets feed the soul in ways your normal, everyday life does not.

So, isn't it time?

All my best,

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