This blog introduces you to my special brand of BIKE. I show you how to find your Best self, access your Inner strength, tune in to your Killer instincts, and use your Expressive voice. It's inspiring, spiritual, quirky, and it's all in your head. It's about ATTITUDE, not exercise, though that might be a side benefit.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

I'm joining the blogging world to introduce you to something I know can change your life. I speak about it to women's groups and conferences, and anyone else I get a chance to tell my story to during my travels. And because we all face some kind of challenge in our lives -- some more than others -- people relate to the story I tell that introduced me to my special BIKE. Although I know it saved me from a very traumatic divorce, don't worry, this blog isn't necessarily about divorce; it is, however, about overcoming life's obstacles. Divorce just happens to be a common one.

BIKE is a philosophy on one hand, a lifestyle choice on the other. It's about changing the way you perceive your own challenges, large or small. It's about facing them and taking responsibility. And it's especially about finding joy.

Beware! Or, be relieved. BIKE isn't about exercise. But it could be.

It did start out that way with me. Initially, my rides were bumpy, long and grueling. I wanted to turn around and go back home more often than not. But I needed those rides. And I learned to confront them, despite the falls I took along the way. The rides became metaphors for every difficult task I faced during the three-year-long ordeal that was my divorce. My special BIKE taught me to see and appreciate the strengths I had within me, naturally, to push forward. And that's what I did.

In this blog, I'm going to show you how to do the same.

I hope you'll join me.

Together, we'll learn how to ride the mental BIKE.

All my best,


rev. jen said...

Go, Jackie!

I am bookmarking your blog and will look in on you often. Now the whole world can benefit from your wisdom. :)

-- Jen

Joel said...

A very good-looking blog, I must say.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Jen and Joel.

Kitty said...

Jackie, you have wisdom for all the ages - you make me smile when I talk to you at Speaker's Lab for NSA and just you being you. Good luck in your newest endeavor. Kitty

murielle said...

Well, Jackie, you have shown me over the years that we have to surmount our obstacles to be able to continue to grow without fear. Sometimes great people discover innovative ways like your BIKE and shared the experience with others. Thanks for doing so.

Michelle said...

I must admit I was Googling some key words for research and came across your blog. From what I read, it appears you and I have a few things in common.

Unfortunately, we sometimes allow those things to get in our way of growing as healthy, human beings. Getting out and doing something about it is even harder. I am glad to hear others have felt the same and are doing something to change their quality of life.

I look forward to hearing other success stories. If you would like to chat about it, shoot me an e-mail.