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Monday, December 12, 2011

MORE DISCIPLINE: Speaking of "if I so choose," I dream of being more disciplined at certain things I do in life. I can choose that...

That's what I wrote in yesterday's post. I dream of having more discipline.

So, today, I embark on a new goal to achieve what showed up as #8 on my list of the 10 things I dream about regularly. I'm joining Quinn McDonald in her 30-Day adventure to practice creativity. A group of bloggers and others who read Quinn's blog plan to spend the next 30 days taking part in daily walks (I'm riding) followed by daily journal writing (on our own) to unleash the emotions that could be blocking creativity. 

She says both of those practices help nurture spirituality, work on karma debts, and hatch the beginning of creative ideas. Along the way, you get to "explore the rough ledges of forgiveness and healing."

Walking provides for her the time to meditate and focus on positive messaging. I prefer this movement come from my bike rides, so I'll be doing that instead, if the weather allows.

The "deep writing" she next prescribes must be done in long-hand (pick a journal specific for the process) for 15 minutes every day at the same time of day. I prefer morning. Get comfortable, she says, and start writing what's worrying you, bothering you, upsetting you, causing you discomfort or stress. Include both the facts and the feelings attached. Connect with all the senses. What does your stress or angst look like, smell like, feel like? Does it have a taste? According to the research she's Quinn has read, this process helps connect the right brain with the left brain and may lead to solutions for the challenges written on the page.

It sounds like an important process for me to take part in at the moment, so that's what my posts will focus on for the next 30 days. Join in if you like. And watch for my first post to appear here later in the day.

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