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Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 19: Making promises

Meditation site in Hereford, Arizona

As a new year approaches, it is common to hear people begin to discuss New Year's Resolutions. They might talk about goal-setting and renewal. Change suddenly becomes important. But resolutions are often forgotten, goals go unmet, and renewal can happen any time. So I'm turning my attention, instead, to promises, vowing that I will accomplish certain things.

I have several that I've been meditating on during my walks. I give myself the entire year (not just the first few months of it) to work on these vows. In fact, I will work on them indefinitely.

They are as follows:

_I deserve to feel whole and complete, so I promise to be aware of and work to alleviate any sense of emptiness I might feel toward myself.

_I promise to continue to overcome my fears. When they show up, I will acknowledge them, address them, and attack them with courage.

_I am aware that I sometimes feel worry, guilt and regret. I promise to release those ineffective--and sometimes manipulative--feelings. They serve no purpose but to block progress.

_I will work to free myself of past pain. If I need to work through it, I promise to do that first.

_I promise to allow myself to feel lovable, loving and loved.

_I will accept others the way they are, especially when I find myself wanting them to be like me.

_I will see myself as an equal partner with others in my life. I promise I won't feel less than or more than anyone or anything.

_I will trust those who are trustworthy.

_I promise to work to maintain healthy and loving relationships, and I will become aware of relationships that are otherwise, in case I need to remove myself from them.

_I promise to rely only on me and my God for my sense of self-worth.

_I promise to believe in my capabilities and act accordingly.

_I promise to assess my values so that I am better able to access them for healthier decision-making.

_I promise to pray daily for the trust and guidance that comes from my God.

_I promise to continue working toward serenity, strength and spiritual growth.

In lieu of resolutions for 2012, what promises would you make to yourself? 


Anjuli said...

Your list was very comprehensive- I think my list would mainly be that "I promise to not push God off the throne of my life....even when I'm tempted to" (this is a constant struggle for me- always trying to take back the reigns ;0)

Jackie Dishner said...

Overall, maybe that's what I've got here. It's human nature, isn't it?