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Friday, December 2, 2011

Presentation is everything

Whether it's the meal you're served, the clothes you're wearing, or the way you pitch a new client, presentation is everything, right?

I'm asking because I wonder how much it really matters that something looks good. I mean, how much do you have to prove your worth...and to whom?

I can tell you that I've made many a dish that certainly didn't come close to looking like the meal pictured above. I'm not sure I'd be able to prepare a meal like the one I ate pictured above. But I think I can make a delicious meal nonetheless. And I've sent a winning pitch or two to editors while wearing my pajamas. That didn't seem to matter. Of course, I wouldn't have shown up on their doorsteps that way. But you get the picture.

So I'm wondering if we place so much emphasis on how things look at the risk of failing to focus enough on the inside, too.

For the next week, humor me with noting how much attention you place on outside appearances. Do you really care if that woman's shoes are polished or her nails are painted, or his tie is the right shade of blue? Do you notice the restaurants that place chargers under the plates or the ones that use utensils that don't match? Does any of this disturb you to the point that you wouldn't do business with them?  

Is presentation everything? Think about it, and tell me what you think. I'm curious.


T. L. Cooper said...

Okay, I won't lie. A killer pair of shoes will catch my attention every time, but I'm a bit of a shoe freak... Style not brand! Interesting versus expensive!
And, I will notice attractive clothes and neatness.
That said, I'm much more likely to pay attention to the look in someone's eye, the smile on his/her face, and his/her overall demeanor than what I think of as his/her cover when making a decision about the person. Whether or not someone's smile is also expressed in their eyes says a lot, not necessarily bad, just a lot.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Presentation matters, but it can be deceptive. In the end, you need to look closely and pay attention to other details to get the whole picture. That said, here in Japan restaurants often have plastic models of their dishes outside to entice diners. There are two restaurants near us that are older establishments with probably excellent food, but their plastic food is faded and dusty. I can't bring myself to eat there. Now, I'm feeling bad about this...

BIKE LADY said...

T.L., I like this kind of thing as well, but I'm not sure if I made a judgment call because of it. I'm going to pay close attention to that this week. See what I notice.

Joan, your last line made me laugh.