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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 9: Finding focus

My internet is acting strange lately. Some days it's working. Some days not. I get it fixed, then it rains, and I'm back to the drawing board. It's frustrating beyond belief as I'm trying to figure out when and where I'll be able to get my work done. Trust me, you cannot conduct a good interview at Starbucks when they turn on the espresso machine. The loud hum is, well, loud. And cell phones seem to catch all that background noise and turn it into something worse than that "chalk on a blackboard" sound. You can't exactly yell across the room, while sitting in their chairs, using--for free--their internet, "Hey, could you wait a second? I'm on an important phone call over here!"

Because of computer issues, I've experienced moments this past month or more when I just wanted to cry, shut my business down, and be done with it. 

Yeah, well, that's not really an option. So I go back to Starbucks or look for other places where WiFi is available and try to get some work done there. It's not happening here at my house, at least I'm not sure for how long. Right now, it looks like I might get a blog post in before the system kicks off. I don't know. I've been watching my "Incoming Messages" try to come in for quite some time now. But the lights on my modem are all on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But who knows?

I do know I'm having a hard time finding focus under these circumstances.

Challenges will do that to you, won't they?

I thought about all of this on my walk today. And then I got the great idea to run downhill. I walked up the hill, then ran back down. I did that three or four times to work off some of this computer-induced stress. And it worked. My computer's not fixed, but I feel less stressed.

I'm getting ready to make the call to my provider again. This time, I have some inkling of what might be causing the problem so will ask about that.

I also ate a healthy and heart breakfast this morning. With my coffee, I had oatmeal. It feels good to be able to take care of myself in this way. And it'll help me find the focus--and the fortitude--necessary to make this call I've been avoiding. It's no wonder! Since I made the same call last week. I didn't expect to be right back to square one then.

So wish me luck.

And if you're ever having trouble finding focus, let me know what tricks you have up your sleeve to reclaim it. I might need a few more tips if this keeps up.


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