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Friday, May 9, 2008

What inspires you?

As I was reading and surfing through the many blogs I posted yesterday--I still have many more to visit--I was inspired by the photographs. They represent individual inspirational moments, such as the one here (It's a photograph of a foggy morning at the top of Mt. Graham in Safford, Ariz. You can barely make out the road below.). Even the picture I saw of a single sunflower is the mark of someone's inspirational moment. You see a moment in time, no matter what or where it is, and something about that moment speaks to you. You take a picture. It's a beautiful thing. I own boxes and boxes of inspirational moments like this.

If I were to take a moment and write a list of what inspires me, not necessarily represented in a photograph, here is what my list would look like:

_red hibiscus blooms
_the gardenia plant at the front of my house
_my son
_my daughter
_the fountain that refuses to work in my front courtyard
_the restaurant on the top of the hill that I can see from my office window
_books about writing
_other people's memoirs
_my own life story
_my dirty car after a road trip
_hiking trails
_my bicycle
_the image of a bicycle
_the canal bank where I sometimes ride

And my list would go on and on.

What insires you? Today, take a moment to write down a few things that really make you think, make you want to act, make you want to live your life differently. I think you'll surprise yourself.

All my best,

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