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Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspired by a number

475! 475! 475!

While I cannot say that I'm a numbers person, sometimes numbers do speak to me. This time it's the number 475--the number of posts I've written here since I first started this blog in 2007. That means I have 25 more posts to write till I reach a milestone--500 posts.

I can do that by the end of this month.

I'm not really sure why that matters, other than it's an even or a round number kind of thing. But 500 posts sounds like an accomplishment nonetheless. I'm not certain how many words that is, but if an average post equals 250 words, then that means I've written at least 125,000 words. That's twice as many as the word count in my guidebook. So I guess that really means I will have written the equivalent of two more books. That's inspiring, don't you think?

What number is inspiring you today?

Inspired by celebrity gossip

Okay, so I'm not immune to celebrity gossip. I read it. I watch it. I make fun of it. And who is not laughing at Charlie Sheen (pictured above) today. If you saw his interview on The Today Show this morning, you probably understand it's not the kind of laugh generated from his TV show, "Two and a Half Men." It's the kind of laugh generated when you're watching a fool spout verbal assaults on others--and, really, he's only assaulting himself.

I'm also inspired to feel sorry for the guy. Who wouldn't feel that as well? The things he's ranting about on national TV: his success, his "winning" attitude, his disbelief in AA, his private "sober house," his "violent passion"'s all a bunch of BS. He can call it his "reality" all he wants. But it's still apparent the guy's got so many problems and won't own a single one of them. That doesn't mean he doesn't really, deep down, want to own them. But he just comes off as a guy who's trying so hard to convince himself, that he's unconvincing to the rest of us.

Which begs the question: Does he really believe in his own nonsense? I think it's sad to say, he has to, or how else could he live with himself...

But there's a message here that maybe his agent should share with him, and it goes something like this:
Charlie, if you're going to go on national TV to try to convince everyone that we need to hear your side of the story--and your side of the story is so flipping mad--we probably don't. You just might be better off saying nothing. I know that's hard to do with an ego the size of yours. But, seriously, Charlie, let it go.
I think this works in private as well. If you have to work that hard to convince someone that what you believe is true, you're probably not going to achieve your desired goal--and you just might alienate the person you want to believe you the most.

What do you think?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What inspires you?

Swamped, I've taken myself away from the blogs for a bit. I just needed to get away from the act of trying to motivate or inspire others and focus on doing that for myself. Life got hectic on my end, and I really needed to step back and reaccess.

I'm a champion here of listening to the internal rhythms. The body, mind and soul does not hide from you what you need. You just may choose to ignore it. I try not to. I hope you understand the need for my absence. I always knew I'd be back.

Still, what brought me back was a comment one of my readers said to me in person, and I had to pay attention to that as well.

"You haven't been writing lately," she said to me.

Of course I've been writing, just not on the blogs.

But her comment reminded me I did need to consider my audience. Like I said, I always knew I'd return, but maybe you didn't. I wasn't doing a very good job of keeping you informed. But I didn't want to put any pressure on myself, so I didn't, not until such time that it was necessary. And, you know, when your readers notice you're missing, I figure you should take notice as well.

I did, and I'm back. And I'm back with a simple question:

What is inspiring you today? Maybe it's a person (like Martin Luther King, Jr., pictured above in bronze), or maybe it's a book, or a certain phrase you heard someone say -- and it stuck. Maybe it's someone else's blog that inspired you today.

If you're blogging, if you're riding, if you're hard at work, what is it that is motivating you to act today? If something springs to mind, just post a quick comment, and let's talk about this over the course of the next few weeks.

I've recently begun work with another writer who is in need of moving past burnout. We're going to help each other via e-mails for now. It appears that she's become uninspired. IMO, she has good reason, but, like me and this blog, we still need to work to overcome that. We still need to produce.

So over the course of the next few weeks, while I'm helping my BF convalesce from his open heart surgery (which is partly the reason for my absence--and now also my return), am working on moving past this burnout with my fellow writer friend, and am waiting for assignments to roll in from editors and other clients I've been pitching, let's talk inspiration. Let's see if we can dig deep for some answers.

Because on those days when nothing seems like it will help us move past this challenge, something will. But we may have to experiment a bit. Let's see if we can compile some handy lists of ideas to use when we need them the next time. This time, I guarantee you, the simple act of writing them down, thinking about them, talking about them, will do the trick. But next time, let's plan on being better prepared.

So, again, I ask: what is inspiring you right at this very moment? What do you wish would inspire you right now? Write it down, right here.

And, tomorrow, we'll talk.