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Friday, May 30, 2008

Blogathon near its end

Only two more days till the Blogathon ends.

It's been a fun challenge to see if I can handle a post a day for one entire month. Time will tell if I can. I nearly missed it today, though, because I took a day trip for my travel guide project and didn't get home till after 8 p.m. I went back to Miami-Globe, Ariz., to visit with an independent book store owner and to see if I could climb 150 concrete stairs like the miners used to do in late 1800s to early 1900s. I couldn't. By the time I got to the stairs, it was after 2 p.m., and about 100 degrees outside. I also met a saddle maker, a boutique owner, and if there had been more time in the day, I'd have done several more site visits. The people were lovely and shared wonderful stories about their lives in these small, nearly abandoned mining towns.

I wound up getting some nice pictures of the stairs, a few shops, the mission-style Catholic church in Miami with the stained glass windows and several other things. I also met a gallery owner fairly new in town who promised to host me for a book signing next year. I told him he could pair that with a show of travel photography. I know plenty who might be interested. How cool is that?! Remember the post about asking and receiving.

Oh, and the book store owner said she'd do the same. What sweethearts. I'm glad I went back.

Even if the trip almost cost me a perfect record. Oh, wait! I still have those two more days...

Happy reading,

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