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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To be or not to be...friends

How many of us have had an issue with a friend? My guess is...everyone.

Friendships are tough. Like any relationship, they require work. And even on your best days, you may say or do something that upsets one of them. But we still want them in our lives, we still need them, and they are generally a great resource to help us out during our difficult days.

To help you navigate the wonderfully challenging world of friendships, there's a blog that you may find interesting. It's called Fractured Friendships. I've posted a link to my "friends" list at the bottom of my home page as well. But here's a direct link, in case you miss that. The owner of the blog, Irene S. Levine, has written a book on the subject and knows her stuff. She posts some fascinating facts about friendships, informative interviews, and her post today is about the upcoming movie, "Sex and the City."


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