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Thursday, January 21, 2016

A baiku book in the works

Rode sixty miles
Uphill was nothing but slow
It seemed all uphill

Remember these little poems? I've posted them here every now and then. Does the May blogathon rink a bell? That's when a whole gang of us writers have shared our haiku poems. Me? I write a different kind. It's called baiku, found as #baiku on Twitter, where I'm known as @bikelady. It's poetry for the bicycle enthusiast. That's me!

I've composed enough baiku now to fill a few books. So I wrote one. I pulled about 50 of these fun poems together, added some backstory about my BIKE story and information about the poetry, included writing prompts and space so readers can write their own poems, and there you have it...a book. It's done!

I'm now beginning the challenging and lengthy process to get it published. Please spread the word. And when it's out, I hope you'll buy a copy. I assure you, it will be fun, inspiring, quirky--a good read worth sharing.

Expect the best!