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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I made it!

I was mistaken. Yesterday, I thought I had two more days left in the blogathon. Today, I was told it's May 31. Somewhere, I lost a day, at least in my head. No biggie. I still made it. I posted 31 days in a row, one post a day for the month of May. I did it! It's worth celebrating.

If you've hit a milestone in your life today, or are about to, definitely plan on celebrating your success--even if it's for something that might seem inconsequential. In my book, every achievement is an achievement, no matter its size or implication.

So maybe you're asking, "What's the big deal about blogging once a day for an entire month?" To me, like many things in my life, it's symbolic. It means I can set aside time for something I'm passionate about, even if I'm not paid for it. To me, it shows me I can commit to something from start to finish. And it's a good example of how motivation works: you sign up for a contest, for example; you know that other people are participating and watching your progress; now you have accountability. When you have accountability, you want to perform well. If you're competitive, you probably want to perform really well. Maybe you'd post twice or three times a day. Once was good enough for me. I believe I said in the beginning of the blogathon that it would be a great example of what teamwork can accomplish; it is, indeed, that to me.

I think I'll go visit the blogs of my friends who also participated in the contest.

No need to celebrate alone.

All my best,

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