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Monday, May 28, 2012

Wordles and Tweets on Memorial Day

Another theme day for the Blogathon: Wordle Day!

Participants, who chose to do so, created a Wordle from their past posts. For whatever reason (I chose not to investigate it), the Wordle software didn't work for me this year. So I made a Tweet Cloud from the hashtags I've posted on Twitter recently. It looks different than before. But as you can see, even on Twitter the blogathon has played a major part in my tweets these past 28 days:

Since we did this so we can enjoy the day off, and it may be considered a little silly, please remember we are not taking this day lightly. It's Memorial Day. Please be sure to take some time to today to think of the veterans in your life who have served this country or are serving now. Let's honor our service men and women -- and their families -- with our thoughts and prayers. God bless the U.S.A.


Anjuli said...

I like your tweet cloud! the wordle thing was not working for me- I ended up posting something very small-

Jackie Dishner said...

I tried another site I'd used before and that didn't work, either. Not sure what happened between this year and last. It was a bit confounding. I might try again later.