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Friday, May 11, 2012

Just me and my shadow -- and another bike message

More signs today.

After my bike ride this morning, I stopped to take a picture of the water bottle on my bike when I realized I hadn't drank any water whatsoever. A big no-no. What was I thinking?

And somehow during that "photo shoot," I accidentally got another shot (see above) -- my shadow.

Things are starting to get downright obvious around here, aren't they? The message is clear. I will be writing the BIKE book. I will be speaking about the BIKE. And I will continue to ride.

Even if the photo was just pure coincidence, an accidental touch of the finger on the button while I was trying to take that water bottle shot, it reminds me of how many times I've done something like that. Usually they're pocket shots. You know the ones. You just stuck your camera back in your pocket (or purse), forgetting to reset buttons back to a neutral setting, and you wind up with a shot of the inside of your pocket.


But sometimes you wind up with a gem like this one -- a reminder to cherish.

What would you say have been some of your best pocket shots? If you want to send me a copy or a link, I'll post them here.  


Laura Orsini (aka Marcie Brock) said...

Love it, Jackie,for so many reasons!

(1) Love that you're listening to the call of the Universe.

(2) Love that you accidentally captured something so lovely.

(3) Love your passion for your subject.

Thanks for sharing.

Jackie Dishner said...

Laura, I knew that this was you! Good to see you here. I hope you're loving the blogathon. We have such an energetic group -- always. I must tell you, every time I stop by that Starbucks where I dropped you off one day last year, I think of you. Pleasantly, of course. It's nice how one moment of time can leave such an impression.

Lisa Carter said...

Life is funny that way in other arenas too, I find. You mean to do one thing, but somehow end up doing another with equally amazing results! Great photo, great enthusiasm, and great Blogathon teamwork as always... Keep it up. :-)

Jan said...

I don't believe in coincidences - Yes! Keep moving forward.

Murielle said...

It reminds me of the story "The man in the cave"! Way to go and very observant!

Anjuli said...

hah I don't believe in coincidences-- this is amazing!! God is amazing!

Jackie Dishner said...

Yes, He is. I believe.