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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs

"I am delighted to invite you to a special evening for Pearls of Wisdom. Please join me and a group of like-minded women to explore your life and the connection of mind, body and spirit," the invite read. I'd never heard of the event before, or the woman who was running it. But last night I attended this women's workshop with a friend (the one who bought me the bike ring). It was a last minute invitation she forwarded to me that I wouldn't have otherwise known about if it weren't for her. I said yes.

To top it off, I didn't know they gave out prizes at the end, either. But they did. And I won!

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I won the opportunity to get my message on video, so I can better market my services. FREE! Why, is this another sign that I'm heading in the right direction? Why, yes, I think it is. The universe is lining up the signs as if it were a freeway exit into a big city. Metaphorical rest stops keep appearing exactly when I don't think I can hold it any longer. It makes me feel very lucky. And relieved.

I am ready to receive.

What signs have been speaking louder than usual to you lately. Maybe it's time to listen.


Jennifer Fink said...

Want to hear something funny? My Mom sent me an article about pearls today, about how difficulties in our children's lives may be the catalysts they need to develop their own "pearls." (Remember how a pearl grows: from irritation and discomfort.)

Jackie Dishner said...

That's exactly what this event was about, how to take those "pearls" and learn from them. The woman who gave the gift I won survived a life-threatening accident (She's now a public speaker). Another woman on the panel told of how her father lost his voice (he was a radio announcer) because of mismanaged care at a hospital (She's now nurse and patient advocate). There were other stories equally challenging. Very BIKE-oriented and inspiring. I was really glad I went.

Anjuli said...

wow this is so amazing!! This has been something I've been discussing with quite a few women lately- how we want to RUN from adversity...but how it actually brings forth richness in our life we would not otherwise have!!

And look at you- cycling along in the right direction!!! Congrats on winning the prize and such a great opportunity to put your message forward on video!!

Jackie Dishner said...

Thank you, Anjuli. I'm very excited for the future.

Jackie Dishner said...

No, I'm excited for NOW.