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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Feed the creative mind with chair sculpture

Today, I did the equivalent of flipping the coin to decide on what I'd post. I just closed my eyes and scrolled down in my files to pick a photo, landing on the one above. It's of something I saw in Quebec City three summers ago -- the poetry chair exhibit, called an Ode to the New World, by Michel Goulet. On exhibit in front of the Via Rail Station, each one of the 40 chairs includes a poem written by a renowned poet from Quebec engraved in the seat. The exhibit was a gift to the city from Montreal for its 400th birthday in 2008.

This photo inspired me to hunt down several other chair sculptures so I could post the links for you here. What does this have to do with the BIKE? Not much. Not much at all, except that a bike has a seat, and you can sit down on it. Ha! I hope you're sitting down, so we can all enjoy a little more chair sculpture and feed the creative mind:

Echoes by Michel Goulet Another chair sculpture by Michel Goulet. This one's in Vancouver.
10 Amazing Contemporary Sculptures The first sculpture is a ball of chairs. Then more cool stuff.
Public Art in Tampa The red chairs here are part of a public art project called "Face the Jury."
Improvisation on Four Legs and a Seat A group of artists in Austin reinvent the chair as we know it.
Leda-Chair Sculpture I had no idea Salvador Dali created chairs. Look at the feet on this one!
The Art of Creation And a rocking chair made out of Doritos bags--a 17-year-old's creation.

Did you ever think furniture could be so fascinating? 


Van Waffle said...

I've seen some cool images of old chairs painted up to be works of art. I might do that with a couple of my old bentwood chairs. Also on the topic of chairs, I recently splurged on a new office chair to replace the antique I inherited from my grandfather. My hips have not been so happy in a long time.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I won't be able to see my bike seat the same way ever again. ;)

Anjuli said...

How very interesting- I had never heard of chair sculptures before. wow.