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Friday, May 18, 2012

Faith Hill and a lesson in breathing

When Faith Hill sings the words to the song, "Breathe," she made famous in 1999, I'm sure she wasn't referring to yoga breaths.

"Just breathe," she sings, referring to the love of her life.

"The whole world just fades away," she says, only hearing the beating of his heart, not her own. Such a beautiful love song, and also stereotypical about how we get caught up in other people's lives -- sometimes at the detriment to our own.

"Just breathe" has a different meaning for me since I started taking yoga a year ago. Now beginning to see the effects as it automatically, yet gently, brings me back to a safe place during times of stress, I see this time to stop and breathe as another form of the bike ride.

Taking time to "just breathe" is my time. It's time for me to stop and be present where I'm at in that moment. It's not about anyone else -- not a lover, not a spouse, not the children. It's not about an argument, a mistake, a worry.

Just breathe. Just me. The two phrases can be interchanged.

Don't worry, it's not an ego thing. It's a self-care thing. For the remainder of this week, when you run into some challenge, something that upsets you, even if only slightly, see if you can remember to stop and take time to breathe deep breaths. In and out. Just for you.

When you hear the words to a favorite song of yours, what phrase most sticks out in your mind. What thoughts does it conjure up?

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Anjuli said...

Right above the cupboard in my 'office' are the words BREATHE...anytime I start feeling like a deadline is upon me- I look up and remember, "just breathe" :)