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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recovery: Simplifying your life

How many of you would love to clear the clutter out of your house, mind and life. If I could see a show of hands, my guess is I'd see all of your hands shoot up high into the air, like a rocket just launched from NASA. Can you see mine? It's my right, and it's up there, right next to yours.

When you're in Recovery, you naturally have more room in your head. You've already been clearing out those old thoughts. You know, the ones that didn't get you anywhere--the negative self-talk, the "Oh, if onlys," and the "awfulizing." That was a complete waste of your time. You don't need to think that way, anymore, so out that goes!

Now you have room to clean out the physical clutter. You might start with the old clothes you used to wear when you didn't feel so great about yourself. Pitch them. Off to Goodwill they go! And maybe your personal space can use a clearing out, too.

In and of itself, Recovery is a natural motivator and leads to simplifying your life, or at the very least, wanting to simplify. It forces you to relieve yourself of what kept you stuck in the past so that you can move forward into the future. It makes room and gives you the energy for action.

So what is it that you need to do to simplify your life? Is there just one thing you can do today to make that happen? Just one thing? Write it down here.


Mimi Meredith said...

I won't buy anything I don't absolutely need.

It's my mantra for 2010. I am a fairly conservative shopper, but I am also great at justifying what I want and transforming it into a need. So, I'm just saying no to unnecessary spending of any kind.

It's not about the finances. It's about the stuff. It's about focusing on the intangible things that do count. What I spend my money on just reinforces that.

Here's a great link to a story of a man who lived with just 100 things. It served as my initial inspiration--now you've strengthened my resolve, Jackie!

BIKE LADY said...

My mantra for the year, Mimi--and an affirmation--is this: I work in an office that is neat and organized, and I can find everything I need quickly because everything has its own place. That one I need to repeat a few more times till it comes true, though. :-) I'll go read this article you've referenced--after I paste and click. Links don't show up in the comment box for some reason.

Stephahie Angelo said...

You're right about cleaning out your closet. I look at things in there I haven't worn in years. They should go! But what if they're on the fashion "come-back" list next month?
I'm learning to take my chances...

Stephanie Angelo

BIKE LADY said...

Stephanie, that's funny. I had to laugh, because I'm a "what-iffer" as well. I suggest starting with one color or one article of clothing. For example, blue. What blue things in your closet can go? Or, shirts. What shirts have you not worn in the last year or so? Do they even fit? Do you like the style? Start with one thing and see if that helps.

Bonnie Mattick said...

Ah Ha! I have found a way to clear out clutter from my office - also a goal for this year is to work with more organization around me. I hired a great person, @Brian Gilbert, to help me out, and it's made a HUGE difference in my office, my filing system, and my attitude. What a relief it brings to be able to find something quickly!
Next - the clothes closet??