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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Recovery: Recurring creativity

Here's a good sign that you're in Recovery mode: creativity occurs.

If, all of a sudden, you're getting hundreds of ideas for things you want to do in your life, that's a sign your mind is clearing up to make room for success. Creativity equals success. No doubt about it.

The next step is action.

Agree or disagree? I'd love to discuss this with you. More importantly, I'd love to find out what creative endeavors you're thinking of right at this moment. What are your plans of action to make them happen?


Sara said...

Our ability to create is hinged on our mind's ability to free itself. When I get stuck it's normally because of that inner critic.

At the moment, my problem is that I have too many ideas and too little time to implement them. The most exciting, though, is a new blog on food! Something I love (doesn't everyone?) and will love to write about too.

Ulrike, Dubai said...

I believe very much that creativity is self-perpetuating as well. If you keep at it, it gets easier and the ideas keep coming. If you stop though, it's much more difficult to get starting again.