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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recovery: Dealing with change

Because Sunday is the day of rest, it's a good day to spend time meditating on the changes going on in your life. If you haven't ridden a bike in a while, it might be a good day to hop on. The ride will give you the time alone your mind needs to process information. If no bike is available, a walk or a jog or yoga poses will do. While "there," think about the changes you are making, how you're adapting to them, and consider any resistance you may be feeling. This week, we'll discuss a few tools you can use to manifest the change you are seeking and how you can be sure you're headed in the right direction. Is that resistance trying to tell you something?


Alexandra Grabbe said...

My personal change is becoming an activist against the chemical industry. I use my blog to spread the word, but walk, not bike, to refresh.

I love the photo at the top of your blog but regret not being able to see your face! Can you move relocate the words to another corner?

BIKE LADY said...

Alexandra, that's funny that you would mention activism. I just decided today that I have a new mission--to save Arizona State Parks. Not sure how I'm going to do it yet, but our state government is going to let 15 of the Arizona state historic parks close. I just can't let that happen. History is too important to just let die. So, if anyone out there knows how to go about this, I'm open to suggestions.

And I'll try to fix that photo. The Blogger program doesn't seem to let me move the words around on the photo. So I'm not quite sure how to fix this, other than maybe some editing of the photo itself. I'll play around with it some more today and see what I can do. Thanks!