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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Recovery: Celebrating you

I truly believe we are all in Recovery. Every one of us.

Think about it. We've all suffered setbacks. We've all had to deal with trying times. We're all faced with challenges--almost all the time. Most of us would be out of work if this weren't true. Innovation comes from a challenge. New therapies stem from personal dilemmas. Researchers everyday spend time in labs to find the answer to a pressing need. We're all in Recovery. Or maybe that's the way we should be operating, because it implies that you're taking responsibility.

I tell my life stories here at BIKE WITH JACKIE, and they're not always pretty. I do it to let you know that it's okay to be real and raw. I've learned from my own relationships with people who hid who they really were that you can't be intimate with them. You can't trust them. You can't rely on them. And you can't be real with them in return. That's a much larger loss than the eventual breakdown of the relationship itself.

So my mission in life is to help other people get real with their life challenges, to admit them, and then to deal with them, simply because they stop us from moving forward. To accomplish my mission, I teach, sometimes indirectly, how my spiritual navigation tool (the mental BIKE) can be applied to your life. This is briefly explained at the top of this page.

But, basically, I spend time here sharing the lessons I learned from the seat of my bike, lessons that are never-ending. I continue learning new ones, as we all do if we're paying attention, because Recovery IS on-going. It's what we do while we're living life. It's only when we stop living that Recovery ends.

You see, for me, my special brand of BIKE represents rebirth, growth and most especially moving forward.

To do that, I've learned one most important lesson: You must celebrate your successes. Your successes, no matter what they mean to anyone else, are your big deals. They deserve the attention they've earned. And that what's today's post is about: celebrating you, celebrating your successes.

With that, I'd like to announce my most current one:

I just found out my book (pictured above with a goofy grinning me beside it at Barnes & Noble, Kierland Commons, taken by my friend Rebecca A. Allen) is doing so well that I've earned half of my advance already--in just three months!

That's a pretty good track record, folks--one that had my publisher sending me a Royalty Statement a year before I was expecting one. When I opened that letter yesterday, I was pretty darn happy. I know I've been working hard to sell the book, to pitch the book, to get the word out, but I had no idea I was doing that well--not until my publisher told me. So I celebrated. I shared the information with a neighbor, and she popped open a bottle of wine, and we toasted. Then my boyfriend took me out to dinner. And now I'm celebrating here, by sharing the message with you.

Here's why it's so important: Ten years ago, I certainly didn't think I could ever write a book. It would have been too overwhelming a task for me. I know. I tried. I was assigned to do a chapter of a travel guide for a publishing company, and I had to turn the project back in. I had to give up on the job. For personal reasons that were going on in my life that I didn't even know existed, I just couldn't do it.

Clearly, that wasn't the greatest moment in my life. But when I was able to put that behind me and forgive myself that part of my life, the world and all its possibilities opened up again. I began looking for them, seeing them and embracing them. So the travel guide pictured above became yet another symbol. It, too, relates to my BIKE message, which empowers you think differently about yourself. For one thing, you'll be able to recognize when your "tough hill" is ahead, and you'll know you can climb it anyway, because:

You can make mistakes and overcome them.

You can be a better person than you thought you were.

You can do much more than you ever thought you could.

You can choose to associate with people who will help make your dreams come true.

You can change your mind and create new dreams.

You can grow yourself physically, no matter how out of shape you think you are.

You can grow yourself mentally, no matter how doomed you feel.

You can celebrate your successes, because you've earned them.

And your success deserves your respect. It's great when other people celebrate with you, but that's not the important thing. The important thing is that you celebrate you.

So, let me ask you? When was the last time you gave yourself this gift? Write it down here so we can watch you shine.


Debbie said...

Jackie, I am thrilled for you! Congratulations. I want to share in your joy. You have worked hard at promoting your fabulous book. When I finish reading my copy I want to write about it on Heart Choices. Although not all my readers are local, many travel to AZ and so this book would be a great travel companion for them.

Way to go Jackie!

I also love your encouragement to others. Never give up.


Jennifer Fink said...

You speak to my heart and soul, Jackie -- and that picture of you celebrating your book underlines your post in a way that words never could.

For years (forever?), I lived in a world where accomplishments were not celebrated. That always bothered me, but I never knew why, and since no one else thought accomplishments were worth celebrating, I guess I thought maybe I was wrong? Now I know that celebrating accomplishments is affirmation and thanksgiving, power and energy for the road ahead.

So, beginning in 2010, I will celebrate accomplishments, both mine and others'.

BIKE LADY said...


Thank you for never giving up on me. You keep coming back to this blog, looking for whatever it is I hope you're finding. And thanks for celebrating with me this new success. With the changes going on in your life right now, I hope you are moving in the direction you want to. Heading over to Heart Choices right now to see what's going on in your life...

BIKE LADY said...

Jennifer, I'm amazed I even post that picture. But it cracks me up every time I see it, so maybe that's why. I'm so glad you get something out of these BIKE stories. I'm glad you will now be celebrating your successes. Why don't you us about the time you sold your first freelance piece, or the story that really meant something to you? How did that make you feel? It doesn't matter if no one else understood. The pats you give yourself--on your own back...or shoulder, if you're not that flexible--are about self-love. Personal growth requires it.

Ulrike, Dubai said...

Hi Jackie, I love this post, but what I love most is your photo. Isn't it great when we achieve what we set out to do, and look how happy it can make us.
I will keep this goofy grin in mind when I am working on this year's goals: I want to have a picture like that of me by the time the year has moved on a little!
Well done.

Eileen Borris said...

Jackie, I am s o proud of you. You have worked hard and what I so appreciate is how you support others to do the same. You are so giving and you do deserve to be celebrated. After the blogathon we should all get together and celebrate! Go Girl!
Love, Eileen

BIKE LADY said...

Eileen, thank you. We are all celebrating all our individual successes here, together. And we will have a Blogathon wrap-up party or gathering or something! Most definitely.

Janice Wells said...

Jackie, I found this post completely and totally inspiring! Thank you for writing it.

BIKE LADY said...

Thank you, Janice!