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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recovery Reminder #2: Post-it Notes

Yes, they should hire me to be their spokesperson. I refer people to those tiny sticky notes all the time. Why? Because they work great as reminders. They go up easily, come down easily, and are fun to write on.

Flexible. Replaceable. Inexpensive. What could be better?!

Post-it Notes have been one of the best tools I've ever used to remind me about things that matter, things that will make a difference, or simply things that I love to think about.

"Do not engage her," I wrote on Post-it Notes when I was having a difficult time with my then teenage daughter. I stuck them all over the house to remind me that not every issue had to turn into an argument--and she was so good at doing that. I had to have something to stop me from letting it happen. The Post-it Notes worked wonders.

"Say, 'I'll think about it first,'" I wrote on Post-it Notes when I was in the middle of my divorce. My ex would call, trying to get me to agree with what he wanted, and I needed to remind myself not to agree with him; he could use it against me. So I needed a form of protection. Post-it Notes gave me the armor I needed when he called.

"I can do all things through Christ who comforts me," I wrote on my little yellow pad when I needed to be reminded I was not alone. I stuck it up on the cupboard by the phone so I'd see it every day.

And most recently, I found this quote in a pile of papers: "Experience is a brutal teacher...but you learn. My God, you learn." C.S. Lewis said that. I just wrote it down on a Post-it Note. I'm going to use it as a reminder that the past is truly there for a reason--to teach you things. And I'm still learning. I love that. Don't you?

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