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Monday, January 25, 2010

Recovery: Question of the Day

Now that we're in the last week of this month of Recovery discussion, I have a question for you to think about during this next week:

How are you feeling?


Take ten minutes each morning this week to assess how you are feeling about yourself in the following categories:







Consider these six areas in your life. Determine what feels right, what feels off, and where you can make some changes.

Write down one action statement for each category on your Post-it Note. That is, write down one thing you can do to create the necessary change you might need in each of the categories. Make the statements positive, and stick them where you're sure to see them each day this week.

Journal on Sunday to see if you've made any kind of attitude shift.

Maybe you'll discover there's an an area in your life that needs more work. If so, you'll want to focus on that in the coming months. For example, maybe you need to actually sign up for that class you've been meaning to take. Or maybe you'll finally outsource that job you know you're never going to do.

Is there an area in your life you've neglected, and you didn't even realize this. Maybe it's because you hadn't even thought about it before? Your sex life, for example? How often do we NOT even think about that! Is it satisfying? Why not? Are we talking to our partners about this in a gentle manner? Or do we just accept things the way they are? Can't we do better? That's the point of this exercise. At week's end, you should see some kind of enlightenment if you do this exercise completely.

The following week, you may even see yourself acting on your statements, if you're not already.

Any questions? Post them as a comment below.


Jennifer Fink said...

Yikes! You mean I have to pay attn. to ALL those parts of me? I'll be honest: my knee-jerk reaction is to say I don't have the time or luxury to attend to all of that right now. But my second thought is that you may be on to something here. I may be doing well in some of those areas -- but only by looking at all of them will I realize where I am truly lacking. Heading back to the post right now to print it off...

BIKE LADY said...

Jennifer, that's funny. That's actually my knee-jerk reaction as well. But relax. I'm merely suggesting you think about them, realize there are other parts of your self than just being a mom, doing your job, making dinner for the family. There's a YOU inside of you. What does she really feel like. Just the act of noticing can make a huge difference.

Jennifer Fink said...

Ok, your response actually hits very close to home. Def. something to think about.