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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Your everyday inspirations

Are you aware of your everyday inspirations? They don't necessarily call you to do anything specific. They are the everyday images, the textures, the colors or the sounds in your everyday life that just speak to you in some way. Perhaps they leave you with a good feeling, put a smile on your face, or remind you of someone or something.

I live in a neighborhood surrounded by palm trees of various kinds, big thorny mesquites, scattered palo verdes, jacarandas, and other trees that attract the birds. Hummingbirds, song birds, mockingbirds, finches, and birds I'd need to pull out the Audubon guide to name--they're all out there.

At night, you can even hear the owls and see the bats whirring by overhead. If I'm out for a walk in the early evening, the owl's call kind of spooks me. You never can tell which tree they're in, as the sound seems to echo from far away. I always imagine he'll fly out of one of those trees and wonk me on the head with his large talons.

I wake up in the morning and go to sleep to at night to many, long-lasting bird calls of various sounds. When I'm really listening, I can hear very specific sounds. One type of bird I noticed I'm not hearing this year had a unique call I really liked. It sounded like they were saying back and forth to each other: "Rick-ee! RickeeRickeeRickee!" It's funny what you miss when it's gone.

Is there a bird call unique to your neighborhood? Or one that you once noticed but now do not? Noticing the everyday things that surround you, such as the sound a bird makes, provides training ground for creating awareness within. It's about becoming aware of what you like or don't like, what matters to you and what does not, or what inspires you.

AWARENESS HOMEWORK: Make a list of 5-10 things in your everyday life that pleases you. The only requirement is that all items on the list must come from the natural environment. Post one or two of them here if you like. What this will do for you is bring your attention to that which brings you joy. Once you're aware of this, you begin to seek it out. A joy-filled life is one that overcomes obstacles with grace and ease, like the Great Blue Heron in my photograph above.


Babette said...

Things that please me: the herbs I finally planted in a little window box in my apartment. The fact that Charlotte is GREEN and has Spring (and fall and summer and winter)...Can I add the rooftop? Not natural, but the best place to enjoy the sky and the breeze...And speaking of that? Any calms, soothes and cools...

ed said...

i think a list is so powerful. i sometimes make a list of things bothering me, as a way of release. but listing simple, natural pleasures is an excellent idea, as way of intention. 1) i touch leaves. 2) walking thru park/on beach. and i'll copy babette here: 3) breeze. 4) sun warmth gaining strength in the morning.

BIKE LADY said...

Ed, I love the warmth of the sun as well--even during the hottest days of summer in Phoenix. I love the contrast of what that burst of heat feels like when you walk out the door into and then again what the cool air feels like when you walk back inside.

Barb, I would love to be able to grow herbs. I had mint when I lived in Flagstaff. It grew like a weed. Smelled so delicious after rain.

Alexandra Grabbe said...

I've been noticing birdsong of late. The cat birds leave for the winter and then return. I am always blown away by the sounds they produce, just sitting there on a branch, pleased with life. The cat birds always inspire me.