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Monday, May 3, 2010

Inspiration continues...

Just to let you know, I've updated the list of blogathon participants. We're past 100 members now!

It's truly amazing that in just three years Michelle has grown this event from somewhere in the 20s to such a vast number of bloggers. If she keeps this kind of growth up, she'll be the next Peter Shankman--only for blogs.

I hope you are all as amazed as I am. Michelle Rafter, today, you are my inspiration!


Rachel said...

Hey Jackie-Just wanted to drop in and see your blog again! I'm working on my tickets to come to AZ with the family in June (we are from there) and can't wait to be back in the AZ state. Even though I'm ready to come back to MA after a few weeks of summer heat! Keep up the good work!

BIKE LADY said...

You don't live in a bad state yourself. I love Boston, and the New England states, in general. Would love to be able to spend more time on your side of the country--if I didn't love my side as much as I do. :-)

What will you be doing out here in June? Visiting family? Let me know when, and maybe we can meet up for iced tea. I'll go check out your blog. It took me quite some time to input all the links to all these blogs, but I can't wait to visit them all.

Kathy Murray said...


Couldn't agree with you more on Michelle. Even though this is my first blogathon, having worked with her, I know she's amazing.

Nice to get over and get as inspired by your blog as I've been your comments on FLX.


Alexandra Grabbe said...

I am also very inspired by the Blogathon and Michelle. What a great idea!