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Friday, May 28, 2010

Silly inspirations

I had dinner with a friend last night, and she invited a coworker to join us. A silly discussion ensued, which left me showing them I can do the Elvis lip curl, that I am ambidextrous--they gave me a napkin to prove it, so I wrote my name with both my left and right hands--and that the guy who was with us spontaneously breaks out in song at work. He prefers Broadway show tunes. Fun, right?

Maybe. But some adults can't do silly. Not at all. If you're one of them, I encourage you to rethink your stance. Here's why:

I'm a huge fan of silly. I often find myself making up songs and singing them out loud. I like it when people will join me. And I still expect to master riding the unicycle I keep in my office for inspiration. I also would love to learn how to juggle all three of the balls I keep in my Basket O' Fun. So far, I can only juggle two. And would you believe? People still think that's impressive. It's really not. But let's keep that hush-hush. I don't want to spoil their enthusiasm.

If you were ever wondering what to do with all those trade show giveaways you pick up at conventions, how about doing what I do? Create a Basket O' Fun (mentioned earlier). In mine, you'll find goofy pens and pencils, juggling balls and bags, decks of cards, a hat that lights up if the battery's working, and other toy-like items. If it makes sound, can be played with, or can be used to distract a distressed mind, I keep it in that basket and use it as needed. You can put whatever you want in yours. Maybe you like puzzles and word games. It doesn't matter. You define your Basket O' Fun; it's whatever you think it is.

But silly's not just for the office. On a recent trip with my boyfriend, I offered a suggestion on what we could do to make the trip more interesting. He was coming with me on a research trip. I was looking for quirky Arizona sites, and it happened to be on Valentine's Day weekend. So I suggested we could not come home without first finding the other person a quirky gift.

He wound up finding me an ink pen that was carved out of wood. No big deal, right? Well, this one included a shark top and a band of rattlesnake skin below (pictured with other pen/pencil above). The two have nothing whatsoever to do with the other. Very quirky. So he won the gift exchange hands-down. My gift was lame in comparison. We got a good laugh out of the whole hunting expedition, and it did make the trip more memorable.

If you think about it, being silly is just a way to release pent-up energy. It's a way to de-stress. And it's usually not hurtful to others, though I admit embarrassing family members with my silliness at times.

For your sake, why not see if you can get in touch with your silly side today. It's the child inside of you. Sometimes that little girl or guy just needs to get out and breathe again. So go ahead and try it. Learn how to juggle. Play hopscotch with the kids. Make up a silly poem with words that rhyme only with your first name. After you've done the silly deed, let us know how it goes.


Ed Pilolla said...

being goofy, silly is being human, being in touch with our little boy or girl. i still flex my skinny arm muscles occasionally. maybe that's not silly. maybe that's just immature. oh, well.
you made me smile today, jackie. thanks. much needed light stuff.

BIKE LADY said...

Flex your skinny arm muscles. I like that line. You have an interesting way with words. I don't think so naturally in metaphor as you do. But I can be silly. So there! ;-)

Babette said...

Silly is good and I just can't find enough of it around me these days...

BIKE LADY said...


You should probably be hanging out with me. I have plenty to spare.

Jennifer Fink said...

Permission/opportunities/encouragement to be silly is reason 8, 463,812 why I'm glad to have boys. :)

Ed Pilolla said...

you find the quiet moments in life, the little things that mean so much, even when you noticed your gas tank was empty. that was a great metaphor. so there:)

Anjuli said...

My best friend loves being silly- and it always brightens the place where she is....I once was with her at SEATAC (Seattle/Tacoma Airport) and she had everyone laughing and smiling- it was like she was the wave of happiness and people couldn't resist smiling along with her!! Love Silliness!