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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Signs and words of inspiration

How many times in any given year do you hear a quote that sticks in your mind? Maybe you write it down, like I do, or record it in a journal, which I also might do. And I bet there's been many times when someone told you a story that sounded so interesting, so funny or so (fill-in-the-blank) that you couldn't wait to repeat it.

That happened to me yesterday morning on the car ride home from my friend's house where I was having coffee. Tuning in to the "Beth & Friends" morning show on 99.9 KEZ radio (Miss you Bill Austin!), I didn't turn the radio on in time to catch the start of the conversation. But I caught what I thought was the important line:

"If you have to know the 'something,' you have to know the pain."

The guest speaker, Fred Rawlins, a regular on the show, was addressing a concern the caller had with her boyfriend. Rawlins, a psychic, was telling this particular caller that if she didn't feel right about her man, if there was something that caused her concern, she should pay attention to that. Her intuition is reminding her to be cautious. He told her that it really shouldn't matter what that 'something' is..."If you have to know the 'something,' you have to know the pain."

Now, I'm not normally a fan of psychics, but I understood his warning. His words impressed me. They made sense to me.

Who knows if the caller will heed the expert's words, but it reminded me of my own mistake with not paying attention to my intuition in times past. I refer to this here as your Killer instincts. They hone in directly on what you need to notice--for your own protection. But in my past life, I did not pay attention to the warning signs, though they were there. I didn't trust my instincts so ignored them. I second-guessed myself constantly. And I did, indeed, have to know what that "something" was. I wanted proof why my boyfriend at the time wasn't good for me. I would eventually find out after I married him, but I would have to go through a lot of pain to get there, the same kind of pain this psychic mentions.

I'm curious, then, what your story is with regard to the "somethings" in your lives. Have you been able to recognize the warnings and move on, or have you been like me, needing to know what it was--and then paying for it later?

This expert's words of inspiration in a single quote sends an important message: you don't have to know everything. You just have to trust your instincts when they speak to you. I prefer knowing I am able to trust myself to know the truth now--even, and especially, if the truth is not spelled out clearly. I don't have to have all the answers up front. I can pay attention to the warning signs. I can see them clearly. I listen to what they're trying to tell me and act accordingly.

How about you? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments about this, especially since this is the first time I've ever heard the warning stated so simply. "If you have to know the 'something,' you have to know the pain."

I vote for simply paying attention to the warning signs. I vote for saving yourself from the pain. How about you?


landguppy said...

Definitely avoid pain when possible. No one can avoid it totally, at least not if they live life and don't hide from it. But if you sense something isn't right, listen to yourself. And if you don't listen to yourself right away, at least check in with your Board of Consultants, those friends to whom you go with all your questions and concerns.

BIKE LADY said...

Great idea to have a Board of Consultants. :-)

Jennifer Fink said...

Excellent advice, as usual. Trusting an uncomfortable feeling early on could have saved me worlds of pain!

Jan said...

I find myself only now listening to myself sooner than later. In the past, I would want a girlfriend to agree with me to justify my feelings about something.

BIKE LADY said...

Jan, so true. Although, I don't think it's a bad idea to discuss concerns with others. You'll come up with your own solution, anyway. But it can help to hear what others have to say--You might even gain some clarity about why you disagree.

ed said...

it's taken me a long time to protect myself from getting hurt, which doesn't mean i don't open up. i just don't want to be hurt emotionally anymore. (who can blame me:) with that in mind, i feel like i'm better able to hear the warning voice in my head that something isn't right and act on it. certainly not all the time, but better than i used to be. great post!