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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Remember to breathe

It's not as obvious as it sounds.

When your life is going at what seems like 95 miles per have to put gas in the car, but forgot your wallet at home, now you're late for that meeting, there's a line at the convenience mart that stretches out the door, your sister called and wants you to take her to the airport at lunchtime ("Did you remember you promised?"), and on and can forget to breathe.

Or at least it might feel like it. Suddenly, you realize you need to slow down.

Parents didn't create those "time outs" for nothing.

Yoga doesn't exist for no reason.

Meditation isn't popular just because someone said it should be.

There's good reason to remember to slow down and take a few breaths.

I'm doing that today. How about you?


Debbie said...

Jackie, I'm so behind in my blog hopping. I need to catch up with you since I know you've been doing your 30 day blog marathon posting. But yes, remember to breathe is good advice.

As a cardiovascular nurse, I can also say that physiologically taking a deep breath slows down your heart rate and blood pressure. And that's a good thing!

I need to take this advice for myself even though I know it. Saying it and then doing it are two different things, right?

The BIKE Lady said...

Debbie, saying it. Doing it. Two different things. Gosh, yes!

Thanks for adding additional info on why we should remember to breathe.

rev. jen said...

Deep, mindful breathing. Always a good idea!