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Friday, May 1, 2009

Join us in the fun--It's Another May Blogathon!

The fun begins today!

Online friend and fellow freelancer Michelle Rafter has initiated the second annual Freelance Success Blogathon. (She calls it the WordCount Blogathon, as that's the name of her blog, and she's the founder. I refer to it after the site where all the writers congregate, and where it all began. At any rate, for the next month, those of us who belong to this professional writers' site we lovingly refer to as FLX will be blogging daily, or at least be making the attempt to do so. And since I've been in limbo for the past month, it's perfect timing for me to get back on track here at BIKE WITH JACKIE. I've been having way too much fun as @bikelady on Twitter.

According to Michelle's list, we have about 29 people participating (I think there are more.), including some non-FLX freelancers who signed up through WordCount. She says there's always room for more. If you care to join us, let me know, and I'll pass your name, your blog's name, and the URL along to the rest of the gang.

If there any typos, we'll try to correct them as we move forward. Michelle did her best to compile the list. And note: This is my first official post for the May Blogathon.

Here's how it works, as I recall. Each one of us on the list below posts the names and URL's of our blogs on each site. Then we attempt to blog every day during the month of May. During this time, we also attempt to visit each other's blogs, read the posts, and post comments. If you join us, you'll likely get pulled into the energy.

With bloggers who write about anything and everything (good/bad parenting, recipes with yummy pictures, writing about writing, books that travelers read, self-help and spiritually empowering topics, creativity and crafts, etc.), it should be a fun month. Be sure to check in, visit the other blogs below, and tell me what you think.

Here's who will be joining us:

Vera Marie Badertscher - Travelers Library - Books and movies that influence travel.
Heather Boerner - Serenity for the Self Employed - Advice for the self-employed among us.
Jane Boursaw - Film Gecko - May Movie Madness and other film-related stuff.
Danielle Buffardi - Horrible Sanity - Random thoughts of a mother and freelance writer.
Sona Charaipotra - Sona Charaipotra on Entertainment and Travel and Food.
Rosie Colombraro - Trust the Universe - There is always a Plan B.
Sue Dickman - Life Divided - Food, gardening, travel, books and more.
Jackie Dishner - BIKE WITH JACKIE - Improve life with BIKE, the spiritual navigation tool.
Kelly Estes - Big Government in Your Wallet - A political blog
Jennifer L.W. Fink - 'Bout Boys - With 4 boys between 11 and 3, this writer knows her subject.
Sydne George - I'll Have What She's Cooking - Good eats.
Debra Gordon- Wine on Tuesdays - About wine and the drinking thereof.
Nancy Hall - Floating Ink - How to fit making art into your every day life.
Heather Holliday - Zazou Marketing - Putting your best words forward.
Elizabeth Humphrey - The Write Elizabeth - Introducing creativity into daily life.
Leah Ingram - Suddenly Frugal - Tips for living well frugally.
JoAnn Jagroop - This Dame Cooks - Recipes from Alaska to the South Pacific.
Lisa Mann - Sonoma on the Cheap - One of a series of "On the Cheap" travel blogs.
Amy Rauch Neilson - Amy on Amy - She launches officially this month.
Jennifer Netherby - Jennifer's Writing Blog - Musings of a freelance writer.
Sarah E. Ludwig - Parenting by Trial and Error - A real parent's blog about parenting.
Kate Reilly - Polka Dot Suitcase - Finding fun in everyday life.
Melissa Sais - Digital Mom - Raising kids in a digital world.
Brette Sember - Martha and Me - One Martha Stewart makeover every day.
Jodi Torpey - Western Gardeners - Jodi's gardening blog.
Sarah Webb - Webb of Science - Where science meets life.
Kathy Summers - Eco Pregnancy and Baby and Health Writing Hints.
Joy Manning - What I Weigh Today - A weight loss success blog.
Michelle Rafter - WordCount - A really helpful writer's blog.

Till tomorrow, happy blogging, everyone!


Horrible Sanity said...

Hi Jackie, I'm Danielle Buffardi and I am one of the participants in Michelle's blogathon. I wanted to introduce myself and say hello. Looking forward to your posts.

The BIKE Lady said...

Hi Danielle,

I see you're on the list. I have to add a few new names today, as I see we've already grown.

I think you'll have fun with the Blogathon. It's a great way to get to know new people through their blogs and help each other out with traffic. Getting into the habit of posting regularly is great for your readers, too!

Thanks for visiting. I visited the entire list yesterday, and will continue to visit as often as I can, posting when I have something to add.

Your post is a great idea, by the way, especially if bloggers run the list of participants.

All my best,

Vera Marie Badertscher said...

I can't believe you found time to visit every single blog yesterday. I was busy scheduling blogs for the month so I wouldn't have to think hard every day.
This definitely is going to cut into Twitter time, isn't it?

The BIKE Lady said...


One word answer: yes.


Anonymous said...


I'm so happy to be participating in the blogathon with you again this year! You are a truly inspiring person with a great message to share. I hope this blogathon will greatly increase the traffic to BIKE WITH JACKIE. I love your theme for the month too; it's perfect.

Happy blogging!

The BIKE Lady said...


Thank you. And thanks for stopping by. I'm happy to be participating in the blogathon with you. Hope all is well and getting better.