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Monday, May 4, 2009

Art in public spaces

Public art. It's a gift, really. To be enjoyed by anyone who walks by. At no cost.

You gotta love it.

Even if you don't take the time to visit your city's art museums, you can still view art most anywhere you go these days. In Phoenix, we have the Percent for Art programs which require developers to set aside 1 percent of the cost of the project for art projects or programs. This particular photo above (featuring The Thinker multiplied in bronze) was taken at a station of the new Phoenix Light Rail, the one at McDowell Road and Central Avenue. The Light Rail project includes some kind of art, mostly sculpture, at each of the rail line stations. I think it's a great idea.

When my friend and I visited this particular one on a recent ride on the Light Rail, the art only enhanced the experience for us. It gave us something to think about, literally, while en route. It fed our creative souls. And it encouraged us to want to return to see more of the art. That's a pretty good motivating force at work, don't you think?

Does your hometown offer places where you can admire public works of art? Do you ever visit these sites?

How can art fuel you as you work toward your personal and professional goals? Here are a few things to consider:

_The purpose of artistic creation is to generate discussion. You may not agree or even like what you see, read or hear, but the dialogue that you may have with others who experience it with you will help you come to know yourself better.

_Spending time in artistic environments encourages creative expression from within. If you're ever feeling less than productive, schedule some time with a favorite craft, go to a play or movie, or find some other creative pursuit to enjoy, and I bet you'll soon find yourself reconnecting to new ideas that seemed blocked before. It just makes sense that spending time around art or artful things will activate the left brain function--the creative side.

_Exploring different ways to experience everyday life naturally feeds your soul. It may not be a spiritual thing, or it may. But surely you'll find yourself looking for answers to questions you didn't have before. For instance, why did the artist multiply The Thinker? Was it just to fill the space? Have I ever done something just to fill the space? How did that make me feel?

In my work as a travel journalist, I am lucky to be able to surround myself with something new to explore on a regular basis. For me, it's knowing what to do with the down time that is the problem. I'll explore ways I've done down time successfully in a future post this month.

Meanwhile, share your thoughts. Do you see art as something that feeds your soul, motivates your creative genius, or otherwise helps you reach your goals? Can you describe how this has happened for you in the past? Post your comments here so we can start our own dialogue.

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