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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fresh start

Yesterday, I officially began participating in a blogathon. Should be a fun-filled month ahead, with lots of links and back and forth commenting. At least I hope it works out that way.

Today, I chose the above picture to post because I just returned from New York, where the tulips are blooming all over the city. I found these in Central Park. I took several shots, but this one was my favorite. Since I'm not feeling well (I returned home with a head cold. Not swine flu. No worries there.), I thought it would be nice to give myself--and you--some flowers and the promise of a fresh start. Don't know about you, but I feel better already. ;-)

At BIKE WITH JACKIE this month, during the blogathon, we'll focus on a theme--the fresh start.

I find when I am in healing mode (whether that's from a cold, a personal upset, or other unfortunate circumstance) I look for the beautiful things in life, tulips, for instance. What about you? When you're down or feeling lousy--no matter what the cause--are you able to look for, see, and focus on things that can set your mind at ease?

For the next 30 days or so, I'll share with you what I do to steer my thoughts in the direction of what I do to keep the momentum of forward movement going, even when a ride is not possible on the road. For me, the ride is always possible inside my head. It can be the same with you as well.

So, we'll start with tulips. Then, each day I'll post a new picture and comment on things that keep me going or things that help me stay focused on where I'm going. Maybe it'll help feed the creative juices inside of you, so that you can do the same for yourself for whatever your goals might be.

At BIKE WITH JACKIE, we focus on living life with purpose, making conscious choices, and moving toward that which feeds the soul. Flowers in a garden can feed the soul. We'll start there. Tomorrow, please come back to see what else.


Rosie said...

Great post, Jackie! Flowers are a wonderful start to the month. Rosie

The BIKE Lady said...


Thank you!


Debbie said...

I love the photo of the tulips! New York City is so much fun. I grew up on Long Island and spent lots of time in Manhattan. My niece lives in Brooklyn now and works in a hair salon in NYC.

Jackie, what a great way to get back to blogging with your blogathon. I read your post from yesterday quickly and even thought about joining but I'm just too busy this month. But I will be checking back and visiting some of the other blogs. I always enjoying learning new things and meeting other bloggers. It's a great idea.

I signed up to do the 31 day challenge with Darren Rowse's Problogger and I'm already 28 days behind. Lol. He writes that many are behind but we can still link up even late. I learn much from him. If you've not checked him out, it's well worth it.

I hope you feel better quickly. And so glad it's not swine flu!

The BIKE Lady said...

Hi Debbie,

I'm not familiar with ProBlogger's challenge. Was it just to blog daily? I'll go check it out.

Don't worry about lack of time this time around. Michelle Rafter schedules her blogathon once a year, I believe. But I've done it other times throughout the year, at least I did last year--with my speaker friends.

I'll do it again, probably in September/October. It really gives me the kick-start when I need it.

This time around, I needed it because I'd gotten so into Twitter. Have to learn how to do them all. Yikes, right!?

Glad you like the tulips. I think they're just lovely. I saw red ones and yellow ones, too, but I liked these best. They just "pop", as the interior designers I've interviewed over the years would say.


Horrible Sanity said...

Hey Jackie...thanks for the tulip bouquet. Great post.