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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Memories

Me and my first grandchild -- mom becomes grandmom
My proud son, his baby, and an ecstatic aunt (my daughter)
Do you have a mom you're thinking of today? Maybe it's your own, a sister or daughter who just had her first baby, the mothers of your grandchildren? To celebrate the day, I've curated list of Mother's Day memories and inspiration from my fellow blogathoners. Enjoy!

Women who bond  Nothing says Happy Mother's Day better than those fond memories of the mothers, aunts and cousins in your life. For those who were blessed to experience the true spirit of sisterhood, this post is for you. Thanks for this post, Anne Wainscott.

A guy who obviously loves his mom  What a great son to comply with his mom's request to send weekly updates. I love that it made him more deliberate in his actions. Thanks, Patrick McGraw, for sharing the sentiment. Very sweet and loving. 

I'm a sucker for family photos  Even if they aren't mine.

Mothering your mom  What's that like? There might be pills, as you'll see if you read what my favorite blogger in Poland writes.

Real moms of bloggerland  Here's a post that tells you like it really is. And, no, it's not all fun and games. But so what!? We're mothers. You can dish it out, and, trust me, we can take it!

Gratuitous bike post  Just because it came up in my search and made me smile. So, this is a Happy Mother's Day message to me! Hey, a girl's gotta take care of her own addictions needs. LOL.

What favorite Mother's Day post have you read today? What memory did it spark of your own?  


Anjuli said...

Oh what a precious grandchild!!!!! And you....YOU look SO great!! Your son looks so happy.

Thanks for the great links for Mother's Day!

Jackie Dishner said...

You're welcome. And thank you. Those photos are from a few years back. I had easy access to them. More recent ones are in my cell phone, in my email and still on my camera. I have photos galore, and I had to use old ones. Go figure! ;-)

Christine said...

Thanks for the mention! And I love your photos - everyone looks so happy! The baby is beautiful.