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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A blog post showdown

Whenever I participate in the WordCount Blogathon, I'm always tracking my stats. It's the only time I really focus on how well the blog is or is not doing. I don't know why, other than it's a sure betting time that I'll get a lot of traffic. I'm sure, if you're participating, you're seeing this, too.

It makes the whole blogging experience that much more exciting and interesting.

Of course, I want to know which posts my readers seem to like best as well. Yesterday, this (see above graphic) is what my stats looked like at around 10 a.m. When it comes to who's reading what at BIKE WITH JACKIE, it appears that motivational posts seem to do best here. That's a good thing, since that's the objective I'm expecting to achieve.

Are you tracking your page views? Which posts seem to do well? Can you tell if you're meeting your readers' needs? If not, maybe you can use the remainder of the month to focus on what works best. If you like, post a comment here and leave a link to your most popular post to date. And tune in tomorrow for a curated lists of participants' posts I read this week that motivated me.


Anjuli said...

I love your motivational posts. In fact, I see in each and every one of your post an element of 'motivational pushing' :) Love that!! I need it!!

Hadn't thought about tracking the stats- I need to do that- I remember in the last blogathon I did a 'which post got the most reads" type thing- and since then have had the five most read posts up on the page. It helps me also see what people's interests are.

Anonymous said...


It is good to see your name again on the blogathon this year. Great post about stats. I, too, am tracking readership and interest much closer during this month-long challenge. Hope to see you visit The Writing Well!