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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fueling obsessions

Sometimes, I feel like a stalker of bikes, bicyclists or anything bike-related. I'm obsessed, actually. Anytime I see a bike, anywhere, I take photo of it. If it's possible.

This morning, my friend and I went for a hike in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, near a place called the Dreamy Draw. She lives nearby, so I met her at her place, and we walked over from there. Somehow, we got off-trail -- Somehow? We weren't paying attention, because we were talking and laughing so much -- and stopped to take some photos of us standing in front of a giant saguaro and the surrounding scenery. Just having a grand old time.

All of a sudden, I saw them coming down another trail and stopped to daydream. I love riding my mountain bike on trails...I wish my friend had a sturdy enough bike for rides like theirs. I got lost in my thoughts for a few seconds. Since my friend still had her camera out, I asked her to take a picture of the two guys coming at us on mountain bikes. She did and sent the above photo to me so I could use it here.

With the desert in the foreground, the riders on the horizon, and that blue sky, I think it's a nice shot. Not clear enough. But nice enough to fuel my obsession.

When the bikers came down the trail and passed us, shouting out a happy hello, you could hear their tires rolling over the rocky terrain. Not too rocky, but a fairly even downhill slope. Not too steep, but enough of a ride to get the adrenalin going. Made me wish I were them.

On the other hand, this picture reminds me that I don't have to just observe. I can do. Tomorrow, I'll go out there for a ride of my own. I'll have to stick to easier terrain, since I'll be on my own, but I'll be out there with my helmet and gloves on, ready to eat some dust.

What do you do to fuel your obsessions?


Marijke Vroomen-Durning said...

I have two obsessions, quilting and greyhounds (the dogs, not the bus).

My quilting obsession is fueled by finding a quilt shop wherever I travel if it is possible. Today, I went out and stopped in a magazine store to buy some quilt porn, as my sister calls it (quilting magazines).

Greyhounds are a bit trickier because they aren't as all over the place as quilting. But, when I was in New Orleans in March, I saw someone walking a greyhound so, of course, I went over to say hi and to give a good ear scritch to the hound. It's very rare for a greyhound owner to not expect this. It's a given actually. If you don't have your own greyhound with you or you're like me and don't have one anymore, you are expected to stalk greyhound people to get your fixes. ;-) I always feel so much happier after I've connected with a greyhound. Just something about them.

Jackie Dishner said...

Knew about the quilting. Didn't know about the greyhounds. I'm kind of fond of Schnauzers.

Jane Boursaw said...

Hmmm... good question. Since movies are my obsession and I write about movies, it sort of all ties in together. Then again... I always have to remember to take some time off here and there to reinvigorate myself. I tend to work work work every day, which can be draining.

Jackie Dishner said...

Jane, I hear you. As long as I'm not on deadline, this year has been the year I force myself to quit work by 6 p.m., so I can play or otherwise interact with real humans. I'll still come on the Internet for fun, if there's no one here at home with me. But I am making a more conscious effort to play, to relax, to fuel my obsessions.

Anjuli said...

I love the narrative to that went along with this picture. It makes one think about what our my own have a good obsession :)

Jackie Dishner said...

Thanks, Anjuli, or should I call you Connie? I have others, but the BIKE and bikes are what I think about all the time. It feels like a good one to me, too. ;-)