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Friday, March 30, 2012

Coffee Break: Okay, I get it!

Ever start your day out like that?
I almost did this morning. Two emails popped up on my screen that came from a name I know is going to mean more busy work I have to do that I don't have time to do -- or, rather, don't want to make time to do. Why? It's a hassle. Plain and simple. I took on a job that has added a regular routine of paperwork that is beyond annoying. So when I see that familiar name attached to that paperwork, my heart sinks, my blood starts to boil, and then...bam! My good morning mood suddenly turns sour.
Hate that.
This morning, however, after I ran into the usual annoyances that generally go along with this never ending mass of paperwork, I stopped to think about my aggravation. "Why?" I asked myself, "do I have to let this get to me?" Key word: let. Yes, I am letting it get to me. It doesn't have to get to me, but I'm letting it. Why? 
That led to my next step. I walked into the kitchen to get away from the office for a second, and at the coffee machine, I stopped to do a few yoga breaths. I've never really stopped and used yoga so mindfully before. I've been taking yoga classes for a year now, but I've never really gotten to the point where it was such a natural way to respond. But you know what? It worked. There I was, standing in front of the coffee machine, breathing in and out, ready to pour my next cup, and...almost just like that, my thoughts shifted.
I hurried back to the office, went on Facebook and posted this update:
If my day is going to begin with a frustrating event, okay, fine. But I'm taking that as a good sign -- to get the crap out of the way! Thank you, Universe, for making room for the better stuff ahead. Appreciate that.
When I saw a few people had "liked" what I'd written almost the second that posted, my breathing started to slow down on its own. I looked at the fax machine I'd been messing with to send yet another document to this company, and I was able to relax, breathe again, and accept the task as just something I have to do and nothing more. 
And then it was done. Just like that. I was able to move on to the next thing on my list. Life just got better. In an instant.
What a relief to know you can go ahead and feel aggravation or hurt or maybe a little anger, and then move on from it. What a relief to know that you don't have to stay there, that you can choose to move on, what a relief that you can take charge of your thoughts and emotions like that. Empowering, yes?


Diane Faulkner said...

Wow! Your post came up #2 in a Google search for "coffee".

Can't remember if I had this Coffee Network contract when I was taking those sessions with you a while back. My days are spent researching and writing about coffee for the coffee industry (not consumers). Here I am, doing some research, and a friendly face from the past pops up.


Hope you're doing well.


Jackie Dishner said...

That's cool. I had to use "coffee break" to get it to come up second. But my photos came up on top when I searched for "coffee" only. That is pretty cool. Of course, if my blog were all about coffee, that would be even cooler.

How'd you get the Coffee Network contract? Sounds fun.

I'm doing well. Are you?

TL Cooper said...

Very nice post! Inspiring! We always have a choice how we react to something. Often it's the only choice we have. Thank you for the reminder!

Jennifer Fink said...

Hmmm. As always,I'm learning from you, Jackie! I'm still working on this -- how to feel the annoyance or anger, and then release it, without letting it disrupt too much of the rest of the day or my life. Fortunately, the Universe seems to be sending me lots of opportunities for practice!

Jackie Dishner said...

Ha! Jenny, read my next post. The annoyances continued. I had to express them or...

But I feel better now.