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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What puts a big smile on your face?

If a guy like this one came up to you with a tray of refreshing drink samples -- with a smile that stretched clear across his face -- you'd smile, too! Wouldn't you? 
I snapped this photo on a recent trip to Antigua, Guatemala. This guy was handing out these drink samples in a coffee shop. And his smile never stopped. Be still my heart, because he's just gorgeous, and I wanted a piece of that. So I asked him to pose for me. And who would resist taking a sample? Not I. Thank you very much! Was he enjoying his job? He sure looked like it. A manner like his is contagious -- as well it should be. 
It's why I took a moment to write down what Chip Conley, founder of the boutique hotel chain Joie de Vivre, said about why he named the company after a phrase that means "finding joy in everything you do. He said, "I'm a Type A guy, so I'm constantly moving. But I like to ask myself, 'Where's the joy in it?'" Exactly! Conley's line reminds me of the gorgeous guy I captured on camera in Guatemala. Clearly, he's found the joy in a simple job. And I'm sure he knows that big smile of his makes the tourists feel special.
People like the drink guy and Chip Conley understand the importance of a joy-filled life. They get what really matters. We can learn from them, which is why I ask you to take a moment today to think about:
What puts a big smile on your face?

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Jennifer Fink said...

You know what really puts a smile on my face? Interacting with smart, creative people. I love participating in conferences and seminars, love learning things, love sharing my knowledge.