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Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 2: Making connections

I wrote about connection in my journal today. It's something I think I've had a difficult time cultivating in my life. It takes active pursuit to make connections with others. It takes time and purpose. It takes an openness and a willingness to be vulnerable. Sometimes, a connection doesn't occur. If you're lucky, it does.

Today. Nothing. My computer connection, that is. So I'm typing this from Starbucks. Ugh! Connections ARE complicated. Ha!

Seriously, on my walk this morning--in the semi-rain--I ran across only one person. He had a dog with him. I said hello. He said hello back. And that was it. I made a comment about his dog, and he mumbled something about hurrying back to get out of the rain. No connection there, either.

But I am honored any time I make a connection with the women who enter my life, as did Irene Levine, pictured with me above. We met by chance, but it took active pursuit for that chance encounter to gain any meaning. Prior to meeting in person, we'd been connecting via an online group we had both been participating in for years. Then one day she contacted me via email to let me know she'd be in my town for a conference with her husband Jerry. She asked if her and I could meet in person. I was thrilled to be asked, and we both made it happen. We were instant friends. Why? I'm not sure. There was just something that clicked. You can't force that. You certainly don't want to beg for it. You can't will it to be so. It sometimes just is, and that connection has been worth pursuing further. I'm all smiles (as you can see) whenever I get the opportunity to see her in person. The photo above was taken in Quebec City. And I admire Irene so much. She radiates an authenticity that I trust and believe in. She symbolizes the word "connection" for me.

When I think about an overall meaning, I can chart a list of words I find synonymous: 

_Someone to talk to
_Someone who you know thinks about you for specific reasons
_A place of trust
_No fear
_A hand to hold
_A body to hug
_Smiles and laughter
_Meaningful dialogue
_Safe haven
_Food to enjoy together
_Confidences to share

What words come to mind when you think of what it means to connect with another human being? Have you ever experienced a time when you lost that connection? What happened? How did you recover?


Alexandra said...

Synchronicity? I have mean a number of online friends and, so far, have gotten on well with all of them. I, too, believe you have to pay attention to the people who cross your path. The "why" is not always obvious, but becomes so more with time.

Irene said...

After I recovered from one big blush, your question really interested me, Jackie. I think that it's natural to NOT think about connections until they go awry. That's probably one of the biggest mistakes we make in relationships. Your post reminded me of the connection we share that requires nurturing now and then. When will you be in New York?

BIKE LADY said...

Alexandra, your comment about the "why" reminded me of times when the meaning of friendships/relationships revealed the "why" later. One woman in particular who needed me for a specific reason returned that favor when I needed her for something similar. Our similar needs provided the nurturing we both needed. We'll never forget it.

Irene, I wish I could be in New York sooner than April. Alas, that's when I'll be there. No sooner plans than that. You can stop blushing now. :-)

And do you really think it's natural to NOT think about connections until they go awry. That's interesting. And sad. I'm going to ponder that some more...