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Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 1: Releasing energy

I'm not sure why I posted this picture for today's post, my Day 1 post for this 30-day "back to creativity" project. But there it is.

Most likely it's because the scene is all gray and gloomy looking, and part of the process here is to get in touch with feelings. On the day I rode my bike around this island on the coast of Maine, it was raining, just like it is here in Phoenix today. So I won't be doing the walking or riding meditative part of this process today. That makes me feel gloomy.

But I can still play a part in the process and do the best I can do, under the circumstances. So I did do the writing. I just wrote in my journal for 15 minutes. I wrote about the energy involved in recent feelings I had about a past conflict I needed to deal with. Dealing with that conflict led to a huge release of energy. And this photo above makes me think of a release of energy. I'm guessing it's the rock cairns that leads me to that thought.

I couldn't tell you why the people who stacked the cairns there like this did it. There were tons of them. I don't have the answer for how or why they got there, but I'm guessing the people who did this were also experiencing some kind of conflict. Perhaps there was some meditation involved, maybe some writing afterward, some contemplation. Whatever happened here involved a release of energy. So I think I came to this photo serendipitously this afternoon. Has that ever happened to you? You didn't know why something appears in front of you, but you accept it, use it, and move on? That's how I feel now. I feel a release of energy that I know will allow me to move on.

If you've had a similar experience recently, a release of energy, a serendipitous moment that led to it, share you story here with a comment. Otherwise, tell me what the photograph above says to you.


Bo Mackison said...

I love the photograph. It speaks of layers and connections, one rock leaning on another, lots of support systems. Grounded in the sand. Splashed by waves for cleansing.

Showing the direction. Marking a place. Marking a space.

It says accept the mood, each mood, any mood. Hold them all and they'll make a completion. A circle.

Ahh, it's raining. Walk in the rain? It's gray and gloomy here, cold but not too windy. In a few minutes, I'm going to bundle up and walk around the pond a couple of blocks from my house.

I'd rather it be sunny, I'd rather be walking in Tucson, but I'm in the Midwest until after the Holidays. So it's walking in winter for today.

How much I will love those desert walks when I remember the wintry Wisconsin ones. :-)

Good luck on your 30 days. I am doing the 30 days also.

BIKE LADY said...

Bo, that's an amazing perspective. I'll never look at that photograph or think of that space in the same way again. Thank you.

Traci Johnson said...

I love cairns so much that I have one of my deck amidst my succulent and cacti garden. It's a small cairn but every day it brings me a bit of peace and balance. So for me, that what the photograph means to me...balance in an unsteady world. It can be destroyed in a moment but can always be rebuilt. If you want to see an amazing cairn and balancing artist, visit Incredible!

BIKE LADY said...


Those ARE amazing. I will go back and look at those again. That is so amazing. I'll post more of the cairns later, if they pop up in my journal writing again. They probably will, now that I've seen these. Thank you for that link.